University of Alberta aims for third dodgeball world record

News Staff - Wed Feb 01, 2012

The battle for dodgeball domination is back on this Friday as the University of Alberta seeks to reclaim its lost world record.

The quest for the world’s largest dodgeball game has become a heated competition, with the U of A twice breaking the world record, only to have it usurped by American institutions on later dates. The current record is held by University of California, Irvine, with their official achievement of 4,000 players in a single game of dodgeball.

Undeterred, the University of Alberta is rising to the challenge; a new world record attempt has been organized for February 3, 2012 with a target of 5,000 players.

“We’ve seen this rivalry really ramp up over the last year,” said Colten Yamagishi, Students’ Union Vice-President (Student Life). “This game has evolved into the year’s largest single event on campus where everyone can feel like a part of the U of A community.”

All U of A students, staff, alumni, and even prospective students, are encouraged to pick a team: Green or Gold. Green’s goal this year will be to halt Gold’s two-game winning streak!

The world record attempt is made possible through a collaborative effort between the U of A, the Students’ Union, and the University of Alberta Alumni Association.

"Break the Record is an athletic event that has nothing to do with athletics but everything to do with community and playing hard while you work hard," explained Dr. Frank Robinson, the U of A’s Dean of Students.

Participants range from those who have never touched a dodgeball to seasoned veterans, but they will all be part of an overarching experience of school spirit, pride, and fun.

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