Who We Are

Who We Are

The University of Alberta Students’ Union (the SU) is the official body that represents all undergraduate students, and we act as a strong advocate for students at the university, and to all levels of government.

We operate a variety of businesses intended to appeal to students (from bars and a deli, to a convenience store and a full service print shop), and provide access to a wide range of student services designed to meet the needs of all of our members. We also operate - and own - the Students' Union Building, and run a budget of more than $10 million, with more than 200 staff.

The SU is a student-centric organization that is run by students for students, and prides itself on being a proactive organization that is sensitive to the needs of individuals and the student body as a whole. We are committed to ensuring that your education is affordable and of the highest quality, and that your experience is a very positive one.

Some of the things we have done recently include:

  • Negotiated a U-Pass agreement with ETS that gives students unlimited transit in and around Edmonton for a fraction of the cost of a monthly pass.
  • Implemented a Health & Dental Plan that provides affordable health care coverage for all students. We also succeeded in negotiating a universal opt-out clause for those who don’t need or want coverage—a feature that is almost unheard of in student health plans.
  • Successfully lobbied for a provincial regulation capping tuition increases to the rate of inflation.
  • Given out about $1 million a year in grants and awards that help make school more accessible to those who are qualified, not just to those who can afford it.
  • And last but not least, organized three successful Guinness World Record dodgeball games that brought students, faculty and university staff together for a common goal in a fun event.

Organizational Structure

Click here to view the Students' Union's organizational chart.

Annual Reports

In 2010/2011 the Students' Union began publishing an annual report. All documents are presented in PDF format.

Detailed financial numbers for previous years are available from the Budgets and Financial Statements page.

Year Annual Report
2013/2014 2013/2014 Annual Report
2012/2013 2012/2013 Annual Report
2011/2012 2011/2012 Annual Report
2010/2011 2010/2011 Annual Report
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Students' Union Executive and Administrative Offices
Room 2-900
Students' Union Building
University of Alberta
8900 - 114 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
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