Get Out The Vote

Get Out The Vote

Upcoming 2023 Alberta Provincial Election

The Spring 2023 Provincial Election is Coming! Most likely in May 2023.

Care about how much university costs? Affordability? Mental health? What about student financial aid that you don’t have to pay back?

Voting in the provincial election helps get student needs met.

Pledge to vote here and we can help.

Our campaign is focused on helping students get to the polls on election day. We’ll make the voting process easier for you if you pledge to vote.

Want to get even more involved? Volunteer with our campaign or just spread the word about what we’re doing so you can encourage your friends to vote and impact the future of our province.


  1. Pledge to Vote - Pledging to vote means the SU can assist you with getting out to vote. The SU can provide you with updates on how to vote, where you can vote, and if you will need to do anything else in advance of voting.
  2. Register to Vote - Register to vote online here (it takes 2 mins) or bring your Alberta Drivers’ License or ID Card to the polls. If you don’t have an Alberta Drivers’ License or ID Card, check out the other forms of ID you can provide.
  3. Educate yourself - You will need to review the political parties’ and the candidates’ platforms to the extent that you are personally comfortable making an informed decision. Pledging to vote can help you find these resources and discern them!
  4. Find when and where - You can vote in the lower level of SUB in the Cascade Room during the advance voting period (May 25th-26th 2023)! Your vote will be mailed to your home constituency if you vote at these polls. You can vote on May 29th on Election Day too, but you’ll have to vote at your designated poll.
  5. SHOW UP! - Bring your Drivers’ License or ID Card if you’ve already registered to vote. Bring other forms of ID if you can’t register in advance. Cast your ballot and enjoy democracy.

Check out our inaugural issue of the Student Issues Zine: "Error 780: Tuition Bill Too Large" HERE!

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