SU executives release 2020/2021 Goals document

News Staff - Wed Oct 07, 2020

Each year, the Students' Union executives spend the summer months crafting a series of goals which they intend to complete over the course of the year.

This year, the Students' Union executive has identified the following goals:

Empower Students to Lead: During substantial changes at the University of Alberta, it is crucial that administrators and the government hear students’ voices. Governance must be accessible to ensure it is representative of the student population. To best represent the student heartbeat, we must strengthen the student movement.

Secure a Strong Future for Students: Our operations and advocacy need to prioritize long-term student issues. The supports and rights which students today enjoy were passed on from previous generations, and we have a responsibility to leave them better then we found them for the students of tomorrow.

Break Down Barriers: Universities are for everyone, and all students deserve to access post-secondary education without barriers to accessibility or affordability. Too many obstacles still prevent students from engaging equitably in campus life and academics. Students deserve supports that help overcome those obstacles.

Ensure A High-Quality University Experience: Students come to the University of Alberta expecting a world-class institution with cutting-edge education. The quality of the experience encompasses academic, vocational, and student life experiences. In the face of unprecedented institutional threats, students still deserve a high-quality experience built for the 21st century.

Build a Better Campus Community: Students need a thriving intellectual campus community that is also safe and diverse. COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of many students and we must be resilient in adapting to the challenges we face, while rebuilding and strengthening the Students’ Union.

For more details about these goals, and how the executive plans to accomplish them, please see the full 2020/21 Executive Goals document.

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