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News Staff - Wed Mar 18, 2015

The U of A Students’ Union is excited to announce that Dr. Allen Shostak has been awarded the first ever Be Booksmart CTL and SU Award for Innovation in Academic Materials!

Dr. Shostak was nominated by a student in his ZOOL 352 class, who commended him on the website he created. Dr. Shostak’s website catalogs different parasites and saves students from having to get a textbook for his class. The award adjudication committee thought that his innovative approach to compiling information for students and the time and effort he clearly put into the website made him stand out among the many outstanding instructors who were nominated to the SU/CTL Award for Innovation in Academic Materials Honour Roll.

The Be Booksmart CTL and SU Award for Innovation in Academic Materials is an award that has grown out of the SU’s Be Booksmart initiative, which encourages students and instructors to work together and find innovative solutions to reduce the barrier that expensive textbooks presents to access to higher education.

Dr. Shostak will be presented with the award at the Students’ Union awards night, and he has graciously decided to donate the $1000 award to The Landing, the SU’s student space offering support for gender and sexual diversity.

Dr. Shostak received his BSc(Hon) and MSc from the University of Alberta, a PhD from University of Manitoba, an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and a Canadian Government Laboratories Visiting Fellowship at the Fisheries and Oceans’ Maurice Lamontagne Institute in Quebec. He has been at the University of Alberta since 1989, where he is currently a Faculty Service Officer III in the Department of Biological Sciences, and a Curator of the University of Alberta Parasite Collection. He routinely teaches in Principles of Parasitism (a live videoconference course offered collaboratively with the University of Calgary), Wildlife Disease, and Experimental Parasitology. Dr. Shostak supervises several undergraduate independent research projects each year. His general interest in zoology goes back to his childhood, but his specific interest in parasitology was kindled in his undergraduate years when taking courses from an exceptional group of enthusiastic parasitologists: Bill Samuel, John Holmes and Jerry Mahrt. Off campus Dr. Shostak enjoys curling, the occasional round of golf, and woodworking.

All members of the SU's Honour Roll are instructors that have gone out of their way to save students money on academic materials and improve the quality of education for undergraduates. Congratulations again to those listed below!

Dr. Ahmed Bouferguene, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ajay Sandhi, Department of Sociology

Dr. Alison McInnes, Department of Educational Psychology

Dr. Allen Shostak, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Andrew Simmonds, Department of Cell Biology

Dr. Ann de Leon, Department of Modern Language and Cultural Studies

Anna Wittmann, Department of English and Film Studies

Dr. Arthur Mar, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Christine Brzezowski, Department of Chemistry

Dalbir Sehmby, Faculty Saint Jean

Dr. Daniel Fried, Department of East Asian Studies

Douglas Peterson, Department of Business Law

Dr. Martin Davies, Department of Pharmacology

Dr. Marek Reformat, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Edan Foley, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Erin Garvin, Department of History and Classics

Evan Miller-Tait, Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

Dr. Felice Lifshitz, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. George Owttrim, Department of Biological Sciences

Glen Fairen, Department of Religious Studies

Dr. Glen Hvenegaard, Department of Forest Science and Management

Dr. Glynnis Hood, Department of Environmental Science and Studies

Gordon Lee, Department of Economics

Dr. Hans Machel, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Heather Proctor, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Herb Yang, Department of Computing Science

Hoyne Santa-Balaz, Department of Art and Design

Jason Breiter, Department of English

Dr. Jennifer Passey, Department of Psychology

Dr. Jeremy Caradonna, Department of History and Classics

Dr. Jim Parsons, Department of Secondary Education

Jocelyn King, Department of Alberta School of Business

Dr. Jonathan Clapperton, Department of Native Studies

Dr. Torah Kachur, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Karen Loerke, Department of Elementary Education

Dr. Kelly MacFarlane, Department of History and Classics

Dr. Kenneth Caine, Department of Sociology

Kristine Nutting, Department of Drama

Learry Gagné, Department of Science Politique, CSJ

Dr. Lynne Wiltse, Department of Elementary Education

Marianne Kerolus, Department of Computing Science

Dr. Marina Blekher, Department of Linguistics

Dr. Mélanie Methot, Department of History

Dr. Michael RW Dawson, Department of Psychology

Michele Moscicki, Department of Psychology

Dr. Michael Harrington, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Natalie Loveless, Department of Art and Design

Neil Hepburn, Social Sciences Department, Augustana Campus

Odile Cisneros, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Patrick Tomczyk, Department of Secondary Education

Phil Davidson, Department of Alberta School of Business

Dr. Richard Westerman, Department of Sociology

Dr. Robert Driver, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Robert Summers, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Roger Epp, Department of Political Studies

Ron Wigglesworth, Department of Extension

Dr. Sandra Bucerius, Department of Sociology

Dr. Timothy Mills, Department of Linguistics

Dr. Tong Zhang, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Wayne DeFehr, Department of English and Film Studies

Dr. Wendy Wismer, Department of Agricultural, Food, and Nutritional Sciences

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