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We are a service of the University of Alberta Students’ Union (SU) that provides peer-to-peer learning and support for all undergraduate students to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their university experience. This includes providing sustainability-based services to the entire campus community, as well as opportunities to facilitate change on a larger scale.

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(re)Introducing the Green Market: A Sustainable Thrift Shop Pop-up!

"Ready, Set, Swap!"

Where: the Students’ Union Building (SUB), Orion Room (0-51)

When: Friday, January 27th, 2023 from 10AM - 4PM

Who: Sustain SU

Why: To raise awareness and increase involvement in sharing, thrifting, and community.

We are thrilled to bring back the Green Market after a two year absence during the Covid-19 pandemic! This year, we will be creating a market that will include lightly used clothing, books and other items looking to extend their lifespan in a new home. The market aims to create a socially sustainable space by creating a non-gendered shopping experience; all items will be organized by price point and item type as opposed to gendered sections. As well, similar to all our previous markets, we will encourage everyone to Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB)!

The Green Market is an amazing opportunity to highlight the harms of the fashion industry; what better way to obtain new items for your wardrobe than to do so sustainably. We encourage our campus community members, both students and staff, to donate their unwanted clothes to the swap for an opportunity to get “new” pieces of clothing and make sure their unwanted clothes find a new and welcoming home. We kindly ask that the clothes you wish to exchange or items that have only outgrown your current style or stage of life; any damaged or worn out clothes are not accepted to the exchange. We ask the same of any household items you choose to donate to the exchange.

The swap itself is an act against fast fashion, as the supporters will be recycling garments rather than wasting and further contributing to the cycle of mass consumption in the fashion industry.

The Clothing Drive: January 9th - January 23rd, 2023

Starting Monday, January 9th and through Monday, January 23rd, individuals can drop off clothing and other items at SU InfoLink locations or other designated drop off areas. Clothing must be cleaned and in a sealed bag. InfoLink locations accepting donations include Central Academic Building (CAB), Student Life Central (SUB), and University of Alberta International (UAI).

At InfoLink, you will be asked to scan a QR code to fill in information regarding your contribution to the swap. Questions include how many articles are in the bag (best estimate), your contact information and your acknowledgement of where the items will be used/donated. You will also be asked to fill out your contact information on a Green Market Voucher and one or more bag tags, all provided by InfoLink. You must hold on to the Market Voucher in order to “purchase” your free items on the day of the market. You will be informed of how many free items you may “purchase” when you attend the market, as items will be sorted and accepted leading up to the market.

The Clothing Swap: January 27th, 2023 10AM to 4PM

The clothing swap would offer free clothes to individuals who bring in clothes. The number of items accepted to the swap will be examined and processed. Acceptable items will be sorted and individuals will receive a credit to purchase a “new” piece of clothing for each acceptable garment. Items that are unsold after the market will either be donated to the Bissell Centre or Cerebral Palsy Alberta or if in poor quality, offered to Blenderz Garment Recyclers.

We offer financial transactions for those who might want to make purchases. Clothing will be sorted and stored on racks, tables and in bins. A sign will inform shoppers the cost of items, typically around $3, $4, $5, and $10. A special rack will be established for more lucrative items - each item will be individually priced. We will accept cash, credit and debit! Revenues will be donated to Indigenous Climate Action.

We will also be running a Food Drive with the Campus Food Bank. We will accept non-perishable food items in exchange for clothes and items. Most often this will be a one-for-one swap, however, more than one non-perishable item may be required for more lucrative items.

"Wait, what can I donate??"

Clothing: All clothing items must be in good condition and must be void of any holes, rips, tears, stains, or other colour disfigurations. Examples include: T-shirts, blouses, button-down shirts, pyjamas, shorts, slacks, jeans, jackets, winter coats, rain coats, vests, skirts, baseball caps, toques, shoes, mittens/gloves, scarves, and/or jewelry!

Household Goods: Household goods can include kitchen appliances, decor, books, and more. Please ensure that all items donated are in working condition with no dents, chips, or scratches and are properly cleaned before being donated. Acceptable household goods can include: Baking trays, cooking utensils, utensils, dishes, towels, pots/pans, glasses, linens, books, artwork, board games, CDs/vinyl records, bags/purses, wallets, etc.

We cannot wait to see you there!

Volunteer with us!

Join our volunteer team

Sustain SU is looking for sustainability-driven volunteers to join our Sustainability Ambassadors team and Leadership Team for this coming academic year!

Leadership Team members (LTs) are responsible for managing one of Sustain SU's projects and overseeing a group of Sustainability Ambassadors. This is a great role to gain leadership experience, and get to know others interested in sustainability. The hourly investment for LTs is 5 hours per week.

Applications for our Leadership Team members are now closed. Thank you for your interest! We can't wait for you to meet the new team.

Sustainability Ambassadors (SAs) work collaboratively to brainstorm, plan and execute the events and efforts stemming from these projects. This role allows you to meet new people with a passion for sustainability, work as part of a team, as well as put on great events throughout the year. The hourly investment for SAs is 2-3/hours per week.

Applications for Sustainability Ambassador positions are now closed. We will open up applications next during Summer 2023! Thank you for your interest!

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