SUB Renovation Update: Construction Activities for planned SUB Renovation to begin in September

News Staff - Fri Aug 30, 2013

Beginning in September, construction work on the new addition and renovations to the Students’ Union Building (SUB) will commence on 89 Avenue west of Celebration Plaza and east of Stadium Car Park. The project will include a new outdoor plaza on the south side of SUB, which will support a variety of student outdoor programs and activities, and a new patio at the north entrance to the Physical Activity & Wellness Centre.

This activity will complete the second phase of the underground services relocation and the provision of new storm water lines; phase one was completed on schedule earlier in August.

New landscaping will be introduced to provide welcoming entrances to SUB and the PAW Centre, creating a student-focused, open-air space that supports student operations and activities. This will include five new Brandon elms, and up to 300 new shrubs and 250 new perennials.

The Project Team has worked hard to minimize the impact on the existing landscaping and to keep as many trees in the immediate area as possible. 23 mature trees in the vicinity will be maintained, and protected in accordance with the university’s Horticultural Tree Protection guide. They include ten American elms, one Manchurian elm, five spruce, two ash, one linden and four trees north of the Phys-Ed West Building.

A total of 12 mature trees will be removed; several of them are not in good health, and some cannot be relocated because they are too close to existing building and/or utility lines. In addition, 10 to 15 multi-stemmed shrubs, and other plant material, will be removed.

The SUB Renovation project is being done in stages: the landscaping work is expected to be completed by the Spring of 2015.

For more information, please contact Nigel Brachi, at or 780.492.4241.

General information about the SUB Renovation project is available on the web at The project will be funded by a referendum-approved, CPI-indexed fee of $9 per term and an annual cash contribution from the Students’ Union operating funds. Additional funding is being sought from outside donors and vendors, with some key contributions already secured from business partners of the Students’ Union.

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