One of the first tasks of your 2017 - 18 SU Executives is to develop a summary of their goals for the year. This will provide a useful metric at the end of the year, when they will prepare a snapshot of their achievements. The Goals Document document focuses particularly on the areas of creating a Welcoming University for students, Supporting Student Culture, Bringing Students back to Campus, and on a Predictable and Affordable Future.

You can download the 2017-18 SU Executive Goals Summary document here.

Mike Sandare
Marina Banister President

Marina Banister is the 2017-2018 President of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. She is a born and raised Edmontonian, currently completing her degree in political science at the University of Alberta. Marina has a deep passion for student engagement and has dedicated herself to active involvement in student governance throughout her degree. Before being elected President of the University of Alberta Students’ Union, Marina served as the 2015-2016 Vice-President Academic where she advocated for the academic interests on behalf of undergraduate students. Marina has participated in every level of student governance at the U of A including her Department Association, Faculty Association, Student Council, General Faculties Council, Senate, and affiliated committees. She also gives her time to the community, including serving as 2015–2016 Chair of the City of Edmonton Youth Council. When Marina is not working, she enjoys riding her bike year-round, listening to talk radio, and staying up-to-date on municipal politics.

Shane Scott
Shane Scott VP Academic

Shane is a 5th year Political Science student with a minor in sociology. A first generation university student, Shane has spent most of his life in Calgary before moving to his new home at the University of Alberta. His passions include advocating for the interests of all students, discussing social issues and current events, and giving a voice to groups often overlooked. In his spare time Shane likes to hang out with friends, discover new music, and (obsessively) watch the news.

Shane has a strong interest in student representation and it is something that has not only informed his day-to-day work as a VP, but it has informed his involvement for years past. Shane has been a part of a variety of student initiatives such as serving as Co-President in his high school's Student Council and helping to establish a Principal's Advisory Council, and serving as a member and active of alumni of the Minister of Education’s Student Advisory Council of the Speak Out: Student Engagement Initiative. Shane’s interest in social justice issues led him to volunteer with an anti-racism student group called Students for Change, before establishing a Gay-Straight Alliance in his high school. Shane also volunteered as a Youth Leader at Camp Fyrefly, a leadership camp for LGBTQ+ youth, and helped out with a fundraising initiative for that camp.

In his role, Shane will support student representatives at various levels of governance, establish a mechanism for students to access course syllabus across faculties, and create conversations around what diversity looks like in our classrooms. As VP Academic, Shane sits on General Faculties Council - the legislative body overseeing academic and student affairs at the UofA - a variety of its’ committees, he chairs Students’ Council's Nominating Committee, and he maintains regular meetings with university administrators to ensure the collective student voice is heard.

Shane looks forward to representing the students of the University of Alberta and working to ensure our campus is a fair, open and inclusive place for everyone.

Reed Larsen
Reed Larsen Vice-President External

Reed Larsen is the UASU Vice President External and is responsible for the UASU’s relationship with all levels of government, political communications, and external relations. He currently chairs the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS), which represents not only University of Alberta students, but nearly 100,000 undergraduates and five student associations from across the province to the Alberta government.

Reed became involved in student governance over the last academic year, serving on Students Council, General Faculties Council, and Arts Faculty Council as a student representative. In these roles he volunteered on several committees; Audit, Bylaw, Finance, Policy, Gateways Board of Directors and chairing Council Administration Committee for Students Council, Executive and Nominating Committee and Council Of Student Affairs for General Faculties Council. He is a 5th-year political science student and 1st-year scholar of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College with a keen focus on provincial politics.

Reed has a diverse background, including work experience in Shenzhen China as an English as a Second Language instructor, construction, sales, entrepreneurship, and management. Raised in Spruce Grove and Devon Alberta, he has a history of rural community involvement in 4H, reining, rodeo, and jackpots. Currently living in the Garneau neighborhood of Edmonton, his hobbies now include sewing, racing drones, skiing, and reading. You can follow Reed on Twitter @uasuvpexternal or @ReedRLLarsen, Instagram @reed_lee_robert_larsen, and on Facebook reedlarsen.ca.

Robyn Paches
Robyn Paches VP Operations & Finance

As the Vice President Operations and Finance, Robyn has been elected for a second term to steer the direction of the Students’ Union’s businesses and finances. In the 2017/18 term, Robyn has three goals. He aims to ensure that the Myer Horowitz Theatre Renovation Project will create a theatre that meets student’s needs. He wants to work collaboratively with student groups to increase the vibrancy of our campus bars, Room at the Top & Dewey’s. Lastly, he is striving to champion the discussion on addressing the University of Alberta’s approximately $800 million deferred maintenance bill with a report on student maintenance priorities. A simple statement can summarize all three of these goals: Robyn wants to Bring Students Back to Campus.

Last year, after completing his undergrad in Business, receiving his Bachelor of Commerce with a focus in Operations Management, Robyn served his first term as VP Operations & Finance. During his first term, Robyn worked to increase the fresh & healthy food options on campus. He pushed to ensure spaces on campus are relevant to students and student groups alike. Robyn also advocated for a renewed focus on student safety at the university. He played a key role in negotiating a fair U-Pass deal for students, revitalized the branding for Room at the Top and kick-started the Myer Horowitz Theatre Renovation Project. At the conclusion of the 2016/17 year, the Students’ Union saw record revenue and cost saving measures under Robyn’s direction.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out using the following methods.
E: robyn.paches@su.ualberta.ca
FB Page: A HREF="https://www.facebook.com/uasuvpof/>UASU VP Operations & Finance Robyn Paches
T: @uausvpfinance@uausvpfinance
Office Hours: See Students’ Union Facebook page for a time to chat at Room at the Top or Dewey’s.

Ilya Ushakov
Ilya Ushakov VP Student Life

Ilya is a fifth year student completing a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Chemistry and minor in Mathematics. He will be serving as your Vice-President Student Life for this year. He was born in Novosibirsk, Russia and moved to Calgary, Canada when he was ten years old. When he is not working he enjoys playing variety of instruments, going on hikes and exploring all Edmonton has to offer.

Attending the University of Alberta, he stayed at Lister Centre for several years holding many leadership positions within the Residence realm including as Resident Assistant, Vice President of the LHSA, and an Executive of the Lister Dodgeball League. These experiences along with many volunteer positions at organizations such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Edmonton Humane Society, and Rotary International fueled his passion for student life here on campus.

Ilya ran for Vice President Student Life in hopes of increasing accessibility to both mental health resources and student groups on campus. Establishing that a variety of resources are readily available to each student is essential to continue the growth in vibrancy at the University. His focus is to ensure that each student has a connection to the University of Alberta community beyond academia. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send him an e-mail at: ilya.ushakov@su.ualberta.ca and make sure to follow him on twitter: @UASUvpsl!

Mike Sandare
Mike Sandare Board of Governors Representative

Mike Sandare is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Over the course of his university studies, Mike has served as Students’ Union Vice-President External and as a University of Alberta Senator. He has been actively engaged in a number of clubs and organizations on campus before getting involved in student politics, including AIESEC, Phi Gamma Delta, the UofA Debate Society and AlbertaSat (the student group responsible for launching the first fully Albertan satellite). As the Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Governors, Mike is eager to advocate on behalf of student interests such as residences, tuition, and race and inclusion.

Mike is an adventure enthusiast who loves outdoor exploration and travelling. Feel free to message him by email at sandare@ualberta.ca or follow him in IG at msandare to check out his travels and exploits!

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