Announcing the 2017/18 Students' Union Executive

News Staff - Tue Mar 14, 2017

This year's Students' Union Executive Election was an impressive and hard-fought campaign for all the candidates. Thanks to their hard work, and their many volunteers, this Students' Union election had the highest turnout since the beginning of online voting, at 29.5%. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated in the election by coming out to the forums and voting.

The 2017/18 executives are:

Marina Banister, President
Reed Larsen, Vice-President External
Robyn Paches, Vice-President Operations & Finance
Shane Scott, Vice-President Academic
Ilya Ushakov, Vice-President Student Life

Mike Sandare was elected as the Board of Governors Representative.

The new Students' Union executives and the Board of Governors representative will begin their terms on May 1, 2017.

Referendum/Plebiscite Results

The U-Pass referendum passed (79% yes).
The APIRG Plebiscite passed (53% yes).
The Campus Food Bank Referendum passed (83% yes).
The WUSC Plebiscite passed (76% yes).

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