Albertans Elect a New Government

News Staff - Thu May 07, 2015

On May 5th, Albertans voted in a new government, electing Premier Notley and 53 NDP MLAs to the Legislative Assembly.

With voter participation on the rise this election, it is clear that Alberta’s university students played a role in electing this new government. With the Council of University Students launching a successful Get Out The Vote campaign to drive voter turnout, student leaders at the U of A played a role in encouraging their peers to examine the party platforms and think about how government policies will affect their lives and education when voting.

Students, concerned with massive tuition and fee increases in recent years along with the upcoming expiration of the tuition cap, are excited by the newly elected Alberta government’s promise to freeze tuition and fees for post-secondary education. Alberta has the lowest post-secondary attainment rate in Canada, and rising fees are a primary barrier currently keeping out students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“After years of cuts to post-secondary education alongside unaffordable fee increases, students are tired of paying more for less,” explained Vice President External Dylan Hanwell. “I’m looking forward to meeting with Premier Notley and the new Advanced Education Minister to discuss how we can have a quality and accessible post-secondary system in Alberta.”

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