SUB Renovation Update: Outdoor construction continuing on south side of Students’ Union Building

News Staff - Tue Apr 08, 2014

Outdoor construction work on the south side of the Students’ Union Building has begun in earnest, and as a result, there are significant changes to how people access the building. The details are as follows:

  • there is a new entranceway on the south east corner of SUB next to the Myer Horowitz Theatre parking;
  • there is no direct access from the south (specifically from the Van Vliet Centre): the stairs, the ramp and the concrete canopy above the entranceway have all been removed;
  • the concrete steps from the 89 Avenue service road to SUB (next to the pedway to the Stadium Parking lot) are now closed off. Please use the pedway to get into SUB if you are coming from Lister or the Windsor park area.

We do not expect any other changes that will affect how people access SUB. The entrances on the west side, on the north side (by the loading bay), via the ALES pedway, and on the east side of the building, will all remain unchanged.

With the concurrent construction around SUB and the new PAW Centre, we urge all users of the service road between SUB and the Van Vliet Centre to watch for and obey special signs and flag people. If you can avoid using the road, please do so. In addition, we encourage all unnecessary traffic to use alternate routes.

For more information, please contact Nigel Brachi, at or 780.492.4241.

General information about the SUB Renovation project is available on the web at The project will be funded by a referendum-approved, CPI-indexed fee of $9 per term and an annual cash contribution from the Students’ Union operating funds. Additional funding is being sought from outside donors and vendors, with some key contributions already secured from business partners of the Students’ Union.

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