Committees and Boards

Committees and Boards

The Students' Union is governed by Students' Council; to aid Students' Council, there are a number of boards and committees that review issues in depth and provide recommendations for action to Council. These are listed here. To access any of the available documents (minutes, agendas, etc.) for these committees, please click on the appropriate link on the left.

The Students' Union is committed to open, transparent governance, and records of its proceedings are public. Where records are not available, it is usually due to privacy issues.

Please note that meeting minutes are not posted until approved, which generally occurs at the subsequent meeting. Therefore some recent minutes will not yet be listed.

Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Committee

The Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Committee is composed of nine voting members from Students' Council and the Aboriginal Students' Council, as well as other important stakeholders in aboriginal relations at the U of A. It acts as a link between Students' Council and Aboriginal students, and assists in the SU's implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is composed of seven non-executive voting members of Students' Council The committee is responsible for reviewing all Students' Union financial statements, credit card expenditures, and alterations to the Students' Union budget. The committee is empowered to investigate any inappropriate transactions.

Bylaw Committee

The Bylaw Committee is composed of seven voting members of Students' Council. The committee is responsible for drafting bylaws and referendum/plebiscite questions as required by Students' Council. The committee may also make recommendations on bylaws to Students' Council.

Council Administration Committee

The Council Administration Committee is composed of five voting members of Students' Council as permanent committee members. All voting members of Students' Council (excluding proxies) are considered voting members of the committee. The committee has the power to amend Standing Orders of Students' Council, and may make recommendations to Students' Council on its structure and committees. The committee oversees both the Speaker of Students' Council and the Chief Returning Officer.

DIE Board

The Discipline, Interpretation, and Enforcement Board (DIE Board) is the 'court' of the Students' Union, responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Bylaws of the Students' Union. It meets only as required. DIE Board is often required to meet during elections to rule on challenges to the decisions of the Chief Returning Officer.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, composed of the President, the four Vice-Presidents, and the General Manager (non-voting), are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Students' Union and coordinating its longer-term strategy. The Executive Committee has broad powers of recommendation to Students' Council, and may act in place of other committees should the other committee not be able to do so.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of seven voting members of Students' Council, the Vice President (Student Life), the Vice President (Operations & Finance), as well as non-voting members from several stakeholder groups. The committee is responsible for developing policy and disbursing grants from numerous funds including student group funds and the Access Fund. The committee also oversees the Students' Union awards program, recommends the annual operating budget to Students' Council as required by Students' Union legislation and makes recommendations on alterations to the budget.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for organizing recruitment efforts and screening candidates for various governance positions that come up throughout the year, which the SU is mandated to provide candidates for. This can include filling vacant seats on GFC and the Senate, recruiting volunteers for selection committees or focus groups, filling SU committees and working groups, or handling other recruitment-related tasks as necessary.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is composed of six voting members of Students' Council, the Vice President (Academic), the Vice President (External) and the Vice President (Student Life). The committee makes recommendations to Students' Council on Students' Union political policies, which guide the advocacy efforts of the SU’s executives and Student Representative Associations. The committee also receives reports from the Executive Committee on its policy activities and evaluates their effectiveness.

Student Group Committee

The Student Group Committee is composed of two members of the Students’ Council, the Vice President (Student Life), the Vice President (Academic), and four students-at-large. The committee is responsible for the oversight of student groups, and may make determinations in regards to complaints against student groups and appeals by student groups to decisions made by Student Group Services.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is composed of three members of the Students’ Council, one member of the Students’ Union’s Executive Committee, one member of the Aboriginal Students' Council Executive Committee, and four students-at-large (one of which is currently considered an international student). The committee is responsible for annual evaluations of the Students’ Union’s sustainability practices and ensuring that the Students Union adheres to current sustainability standards and follows best practices whenever possible.

Translation Committee

This is an operational committee responsible for updating the French versions of SU Bylaw and Political Policy to reflect changes in the English versions. The members of this committee are Gabriela Soto.

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