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Group Leader Orientation (GLO) is the training piece of the student group recognition cycle. In addition to registering/re-registering your student group each year, members of your student group executive team are required to complete GLO.

GLO contains three components; Essentials, Skills, and Finances. Student groups are required to complete each component of training.*

*Student groups that do not handle money are exempt from completing GLO: Finances.

NOTE: If you encounter any problems or have any questions about the above trainings, please contact Student Group Services at

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All student groups are required to complete GLO: Essentials. This component of training is offered online through eClass; the link to enrol is below. GLO: Essentials teaches student group leaders about policies and resources for student groups.

Have one of your student group executive members complete this training online or attend the in-person training to give your group credit for GLO: Essentials.

GLO: Essentials eClass Module

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(Last update: April 29 2020)

Effective immediately, and to accord with the University’s cancellation of in-person classes and events, all GLO: Skills sessions have been cancelled for the remainder of Winter Term 2020.

Student Groups that were signed up for GLO Skills sessions, as well as student groups whose regular deadlines will pass on or before May 31 2020, will have the GLO: Skills component of their registration requirements waived. (We still encourage groups to attend future sessions if topics sound interesting or useful to your operations!)

We are currently working on content to be able to offer GLO: Skills sessions remotely, starting in the summer. Updates will be posted in the Newsletter and on the website as soon as we know more. You can subscribe to the newsletter through this link.

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If your student group handles money, then the executive member in charge of finances will need to completed GLO: Finances (Previously Treasurer's Training). GLO: Finances is conducted online through eClass; the link to enrol is below. Have one of your student group executive members complete the eClass course to give your group credit for GLO: Finances.

GLO: Finances eClass Module

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