Student Group Granting Program

Student Group Granting Program

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Announcement December 3 2020: The Student Group Granting Program will not accept applications in January 2021, as the funding for the program in this fiscal year has already been fully disbursed to student groups. The next round of applications will open on May 1, 2021.

Application Deadlines:

Applications Open Application Deadline Event Date has to fall within:
May 01 - 31 May 31st September 1 - December 31 (Fall Semester events)
Sept 01 - 30 September 30th January 01 - April 30 (Winter Semester events)
Jan 01 - 30 January 31st May 01 - August 31 (Spring/Summer Semester events)

Please note that to be eligible for funding, your events will still have to be approved by the Office of the Dean of Students SERM team, otherwise the Students’ Union reserves the right to deny/rescind funding. Events that have not been approved by the SERM team can still be considered for funding. If you have questions or concerns please contact the program at

How to Apply

The Students’ Union administers the Student Group Granting program. Since funds are provided by the Students' Union, only SU-level groups are eligible for Event and Operations grants.

  1. Read the Application thoroughly on BearsDen to make sure you know what you're eligible for, what limits there are, and get everything in order.
  2. Still confused? SGS to the rescue! We have budget templates, sample applications (coming soon!), and a handbook to help you with your application! - Find resources on the Granting Program BearsDen page
  3. Great! Now, go to the Student Group Granting Committee's BearsDen page and fill out the appropriate application form completely - well in advance of the granting deadline. Refer to Step 1 (or email us) if you don't know which category you should apply under.

    • Event Grant: This grant is intended to offer financial support to groups that are primarily planning and hosting an event OR for a group sending members as ambassadors to an event or conference.
    • Operations Grant: The Operations Grant is intended to offer funds to support or acquire items which will contribute to general and ongoing group operations and not for a one-time or recurring event.
  4. Revise your application as necessary, and submit it to our office by the granting deadline. We can't accept late applications, and we don't make exceptions - so be punctual!

Applying to the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fund

Along with funding from the Students' Union, the Student Group Granting Committee also administers the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Fund on behalf of the Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights. This funding is available to any student groups currently recognized by the University of Alberta, including graduate student groups.

How to Apply to the EDI Fund If you are a student group recognized by the Students' Union:

  • Follow the steps to apply for an Event Grant as described above, and select "yes" on the page that asks if you would like to apply for funding from the EDI Fund. Answer the EDI-related questions, and your application will be considered for this funding!

If you are a student group that is NOT recognized by the Students' Union

  1. Review the EDI Fund Eligibility requirements.
  2. Visit the Student Group Granting Program BearsDen Profile.
  3. Under "Forms" during an application period, look for the submission form labelled "Application:: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fund"
  4. Complete the application questions and submit at the end.

EDI Fund applications will be adjudicated with the same schedule and process as the rest of the applications to the Student Group Granting Program.

Student Group Grant Application Resources:

Grant Application Meetings

SGS is available to meet with you in the weeks leading up to the granting deadlines to answer your questions and help you to write strong applications. Book an appointment to set up a meeting before the next deadline! Please note: staff will not read drafts of your application. If you would like help with another set of eyes, we recommend booking an appointment (free!) at the Centre for Writers on campus.

Student Group Granting Committee

The SGGC is an adjudication committee composed of students with student group executive experience, and aids Student Group Services, on behalf of the Finance Committee, to provide funding to SU-recognized student groups for their operations and events. The SGGC also serves as an advisory committee for Student Group Services when making changes to the Granting Program, to ensure that changes are made in the best interest of the student group population.

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