Student Group Registration

Registering Student Groups on Campus

Student Group Registration Status Tracking

Check your group registration in the following spreadsheets:

  • Student group registrations due before May 1 2024 are tracked here!
  • Student group registrations due after May 1 2024 are tracked here!

Can't find your student group on a spreadsheet? Check the list of Deactivated Student Groups here. Groups are typically deactivated and hidden if we have not received a registration application after six months past the the last elections month.

Student Group Recognition

Student groups who are recognized at the University of Alberta are eligible for a LOT of perks and privileges on campus! Some types of recognition will give you additional perks. All of them are described below.

University of Alberta recognition: Standard recognition granted by the Dean of Students, via Student Groups Services. Currently, all clubs that register according to the information on this page will be recognized by the University.

Requirements for University of Alberta recognition include:

  Membership Executive
University of Alberta At least 10 current University of Alberta students, Must be at least 2/3 students at minimum, if non-student members can join All must be current University of Alberta students

Perks of being recognized by the University of Alberta include:

  • Free booking of rooms and tables on campus
  • Discounted booking of SU venues like Dinwoodie Lounge & Dewey’s
  • Access to Fall & Winter Clubs Fair tabling
  • Ticket distribution for events through InfoLink
  • Equipment rentals for projectors, tables, more from Student Group Services
  • Access to Coca-Cola Activation Fund for events on campus

Students’ Union recognition: If your group is predominantly Undergraduate students, then your group will be recognized by the Students’ Union (in addition to the University of Alberta), per the following requirements.

Requirements for Students' Union recognition include:

  Membership Executive
Students' Union Majority (over 50%) must be University of Alberta undergraduate students 100% must be current University of Alberta students, and Majority (over 50%) must be Undergraduate Students

Perks of being recognized by the Students’ Union:

  • All the benefits of University of Alberta status registered groups (see above)
  • Access to renting office and storage space in SUB (offices, secure shelves, locked equipment cages)
  • Discounts, through the Student Group Discount Card Program
  • Ability to apply for and receive Awards through Student Group Granting Program

Graduate Students’ Association recognition: If your group is predominantly graduate students, then it could be recognized the Graduate Students’ Association (in addition to the University of Alberta).

Requirements for GSA recognition include:

  Membership Executive
Graduate Students' Association 2/3 must be University of Alberta graduate students 75% must be University of Alberta graduate students

Groups wishing to be recognized by the GSA will also be subject to review from a representative of the GSA during (re)registration.

Perks of being recognized by the Graduate Students’ Union and the University of Alberta:

  • All the benefits of University of Alberta registered groups (see above)
  • Ability to apply for and receive grants and awards from the Graduate Students' Association

Starting a New Group

New group proposals are open in January, May, and September. Please make sure you read through this document in advance to figure out if you should submit a proposal, and what you need to do to succeed as a new group!

  • Log on to BearsDen using your CCID (and set up your User Account if you have not already)
  • Click on "Organizations" on the top menu
  • Click on"Register an Organization" button on the left-hand side
  • Click on the blue "Register a New Organization" button

If your new group proposal is approved, you'll be given access to the registration process and are expected to submit your registration by the end of the third month of your proposal cycle (eg new group proposals submitted in May will need to register by the end of July).

Physical Activity Clubs:
Students wishing to start a club that teaches or instructs members in physical activities, such as dance, taekwondo, or other sports and activities will no longer be reviewed by Student Group Services due to the high-risk nature (as of January 2016).

If you are interested in starting a physical activity club, please contact Campus and Community Recreation, through the Club Sports & Outdoor Programs Coordinator, to get started as part of their programming!

Reregistering an Existing Group


Your student group's NEW EXECUTIVE is required to complete the following by the last day of the month following elections. Eg. If your elections happen every year in March, GLO must be completed and an online application must be submitted on behalf of the group by April 30.

If we have not received a registration application by 6 months following the original registration/training deadline, we will deactivate the group's BearsDen page. To re-activate the student group's recognition status, you will have to first email Student Group Services at

What's GLO?

GLO is Group Leader Orientation: informational training sessions to help your club get started on the right foot, and continue to build skills throughout the year, too!

GLO is made up of Essentials, Skills, and Finances.

The minimum requirement is that each component must be completed by at least one person from the executive team. It doesn't have to be the same person doing all three! We recommend that the president (or equivalent) completes Essentials, and that the treasurer (or equivalent) complets Finances.

The Online Application

For existing groups (Renewing Recognition or "Re-registering") There are 2 methods to accessing the application, but both require you to Log on to BearsDen first.
If you are listed on the Executive roster:

  • Click on the top left corner to access the main navigation
  • Click the group's name under "My Organizations"
  • Click on the group and go to "Manage organization" on the top right
  • On the group's page, a blue button to Register This Organization should be available. Click on this to access the student group registration form
  • Submit your completed application.

If you are not listed on the Executive roster: Please ask the previous primary contact to add you to the roster and give you primary contact status - Log-in to Bearsden - Click on the top left corner to access the main navigation - Click the group's name under "My Organizations" - Click on the group and go to "Manage organization" on the top right - Click "roster" and check that the next president is on the membership roster. If not, add them. - Change the primary contact to the next president so they can access the group's page.

Student Group Services will review your online application within 3 weeks. Applications are always reviewed in the order in which they are received. Once we have reviewed the application, we will notify you with one of the following messages, via BearsDen:

  • Application Approved: This means your student group is officially recognized by the University of Alberta (and any other recognition level you applied for).
  • Application Denied: This means some parts of the application need to be changed. We will always leave explanations on how to fix any errors. Once you’ve made the required changes, you can re-submit the edited application and we will review once more.

Not sure what you will need to include with your registration application? Check out the Registration Checklist under "Resources and Downloads".

Additional Registration Requirements

Most student groups will not need their own insurance, but if your group is a registered non-profit organization or other legal entity, or is involved with any high risk activities, your group should have its own insurance policy. If your group already has its own insurance, you’ll need to provide proof of this to the SGS office. For more information on the requirements for student group insurance, please see the Resources and Downloads page.

Bank Account
If your group will be handling money, you will need to have a student group bank account. The bank account information should be submitted with the online form. If your group needs to open a new bank account or transfer signing authorities, SGS will be happy to provide you with a letter of confirmation for your bank once all other registration steps have been completed.

Some exceptions may apply. If you have questions about bank account requirements, please contact Student Group Services.

Affiliate Letter
In some cases, student groups that are closely affiliated with external organizations, charities, or businesses will be required to submit an affiliate letter with their registration. SGS will contact your group if this letter is required.

Anything Else
SGS will contact your group if we need any more information, or if we don’t fully understand the information submitted to us. Our office reviews all registration applications thoroughly so that we can provide the best possible service to student groups.

Recognition FAQ

What if I submit my registration form on the day of my group's deadline?
Your group will remain in good standing, as long as GLO has also been completed by this date! This means that your club will be "provisionally recognized", and can start to book rooms, apply for grants, etc. If your club has submitted a registration application but has not completed GLO, your privileges will be suspended; the organization page will appear as "Frozen" on BearsDen. The group will remain frozen until your application is approved, and your GLO requirements are complete.

What does being "Frozen" mean?*
Student groups that have not submitted their registration and/or have not completed their GLO by their deadline, will have their BearsDen profiles frozen. This means that the following privileges will be suspended (note that this list is not exhaustive and other privileges can also be withheld for unregistered groups):

  • Event hosting
  • On-campus room booking
  • Access to the Student Group Granting Program and other campus granting programs
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