Other Funding

Other Funding

Whether you are looking to fund an activity or looking to attend a conference, there are a number of other granting resources on campus. Depending on your group’s mandate, your group may be eligible for some of the following grants.

Be sure to check with the specific Faculty, Department, or Service for the grant eligibility, requirements and deadlines.

The Career Centre has put together a very comprehensive list of granting sources on and off campus which you can access on this Google Document!

We have listed some more details on specific on-campus grants below:

Coca Cola Activation Fund

Description: Need beverages for an upcoming student group event? The Coca Cola Activation Fund is a quick and simple answer.


  • Have to submit the request at least 2 weeks before the event date
  • Have to be a registered student group
  • Can receive it only once/year (program year: July - June)
  • Can only ask for 1 beverage per person attending the event (estimates are ok, so if you are expecting 100 people attending, you can only ask for 100 beverage items)
  • Event has to happen on U of A campus
  • Event has to have students as the target audience of the event
  • Has to highlight the contribution of Coca-cola in some way (recommended: having a simple print out by the beverages area saying "These beverages are provided by Coca-Cola Activation Fund")


  • No monetary value - only in-kind beverages (water, juice, pop) can be provided
  • Can only request Pop, Juice and Water. Can submit requests for other beverages, but only certain exceptions can be made. Please email us for more information!
  • Cannot resell the beverages received through the Coca-Cola Activation Fund (e.g. at a BBQ)
  • Can request the delivery to SUB loading dock or Lister Hall loading dock only, and have to pick it up yourself in person.
  • There is usually a "delivery date", but it can vary as to what time in the day the beverages are delivered
  • No post-event report required

To Apply: Fill out and send this form to activationfund@su.ualberta.ca


Description: Crowdfunding from USEED@UAlberta allows you to take advantage of a powerful online funding tool with specialized training for your leadership team and fundraising champions!


  • USEED even provides expert coaching to help you through the process
  • If your project qualifies, the University will cover the costs of the program

To Apply: For more information and application deadlines go visit www.ualberta.useed.net.

Graduate Student Group Grant (GSGG)

Description: Funding offered to registered graduate student groups to help support the costs of start-up, seminars, colloquia, or other academic events


  • Be part of a registered Graduate Student Group

To Apply: For more information and application deadlines go visit https://www.ualberta.ca/graduate-students-association/funding

Faculty Associations or Program Specific Grants

Some Faculties, Faculty Associations, Departments, or Programs may provide granting and funding for student groups or individuals. For a list of Faculty Associations, visit the COFA site.

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