Professional Development

Professional Development

alt text Student Group Professional Development sessions began as an initiative between Student Group Services and Campus & Community Recreation. Where once a month, SGS would invite the same speakers who presented Breakout Sessions during Executive Training to Club Sports Leaders.

Now, we have expanded to include even more Professional Development options for all Student Group Executives. Hosting sessions twice a month, we hope to bring a wider variety of topics to meet the diverse needs of Student Groups on campus!

Schedule for 2019:

Date Time Location Session
January 17, 2019 12:30 - 1:30 PM SUB 0-51 BearsDen for Student Groups
January 29, 2019 5:30 - 7 PM SUB 0-51 GSIP: Resume skills for Graduate Student Group Leaders
February 6, 2019 12 - 1 PM SUB 0-51 Student Group Finance Basics
February 26, 2019 5:30 - 7:30 PM SUB 0-51 Managing Conflict - Making Conflict Constructive
March 5, 2019 12:30 - 1:30 PM SUB 0-51 Resume Basics for Student Group Leaders
March 20, 2019 5:30 - 7:30 PM SUB 0-51 Bystander Intervention

Upcoming Session descriptions

  • BearsDen for Student Groups: by Student Group Services

    • Used by all registered Student Groups, BearsDen has become an integral part of Student Group functions. In this session hosted by Student Group Services, participants can bring any questions they have about BearsDen and learn a variety of functions including:
      • How to update the Officer's list/ Executive Roster
      • How to optimize their public profile
      • How to build forms on BearsDen
      • How to set up elections through BearsDen

    Note: Participants will need to bring a laptop for this session.

  • Resume skills for Graduate Student Group Leaders: by Graduate Student Internship Program

    • Learn tips and tricks to improve your resume and cover letter and move you to the next step of the hiring process. Staff from the Graduate Student Internship Program will share insights on how to present your skills and target your resume to internship positions. This interactive session will provide you with information on constructing a resume, and give you a chance to practice resume building skills with the support of GSIP staff.

    • This session may be used towards the University of Alberta Professional Development Requirement. All professional development sessions or activities must be approved by your department.

  • Student Group Finance Basics: by Student Financial Support, Registrar’s Office

    • Go beyond Treasurer's training! Offered by Student Financial Support at the Registrar’s Office, this session will teach student group leaders about the basics of group budgeting, recording keeping, and other financial practices.
  • Managing Conflict - Making Conflict Constructive by Leadership and Recognition

    • Hosted by staff at Leadership and Recognition in the Students' Union, this session will provide participants with tanglible skills for managing conflicts and disagreements in their student group. Learn how to have difficult conversations and how conflict can make your club stronger!
  • Resume Basics for Student Group Leaders: by the Career Centre

    • What are employers looking for in a resume? How can active verbs highlight your skills? How do you write about your student group and volunteer experiences? Learn the answer to these questions and more in this session facilitated by the University of Alberta Career Centre!

    Note: Participants will also be able to sign up for a FREE rapid resume review session during this session.

  • Bystander Intervention: by the Sexual Assault Centre

    • This workshop aims to engage the broader campus community in ending sexual violence. Participants in this discussion-based workshop will work through a variety of scenarios where various forms of sexual violence are either taking place, or have the potential to occur. Together, we will work through the process of identifying, assessing, and intervening in these situations. Participants will learn how to identify sexual violence, gain confidence in their ability to interrupt these situations in the world around them, and take part in visioning and taking steps toward creating a world without sexual violence.

Past Session Descriptions

  • Facilitating Effective Meetings: by Discover Governance
    • Learn how to maximize your meeting time in Facilitating Effective Meetings by Discover Governance! This session will guide you through different meeting styles and structures in a short 1 hour session.
  • Burnout Prevention and Self Care: by the Peer Support Centre
    • Hosted by the Peer Support Centre, learn about how to recognize burnout in yourself others. Discover strategies for self care to make the most of your year while being mindful of your health needs.
  • What is Duty to Accommodate? by the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights
    • In this workshop offered by the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights, you will learn how to recognize and respond to a duty to accommodate situation and responsibilities for students as it relates to the University of Alberta's revised Discrimination, Harassment and Duty to Accommodate Policy.
  • Anti-Oppression & Systems Thinking: by Alberta Public Interest Research Group
    • In this session offered by Alberta Public Interest Research Group (AP!RG), learn about the importance of making clubs safe spaces for all, and some best practices for welcoming wide varieties of students to join your membership.
  • Sustainable Event Planning: by SustainSU
    • What does Sustainability mean and what are best practice for hosting sustainable events? Learn the answers to these questions at this session facilitated by Sustain SU!

For questions regarding the individual sessions and content provided, please contact Student Group Services at

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