Winter Clubs Fair

Winter Clubs Fair

Winter Clubs Fair 2019 was a success! Information about Fall Clubs Fair 2019 will be posted on the website and distributed through the SGS Newsletter.

Color Card Game

Wander through clubs fair and chat with different student groups for a chance to win big!


  1. Wander through Clubs Fair and speak to different student groups
  2. Each group will hand you a different coloured card
  3. Collect one of each colour (5 in total)
  4. Bring all 5 cards to the Student Group Services booth
  5. Your name will be entered into our daily draw and grand prize

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Walk Up Shifts

All registered student groups can pick up additional Clubs Fair shifts through our "Walk-up" process.


30 minutes after the start of each shift at Fall Clubs Fair, any unoccupied tables will be given to student groups waiting for a place at the fair on a first-come, first served basis.

Walk-up Shifts will become available at the Student Group Services Sign-in Table at:

  • 10:30 AM for morning shifts ending at 12:50 PM
  • 1:30 PM for afternoon shifts ending at 4 PM


  • Student groups are permitted one table per shift.
  • If your student group is Frozen, your group will be permitted to table at Clubs Fair, by claiming a "walk-up" spot only.
  • Full-day table shifts will not be guaranteed for walk-ups.

Clubs Fair Operating Policy

The Clubs Fair Operating Policy is now available for download! Be sure to read through and understand these document before your shifts at Winter Clubs Fair.

Clubs Fair Operating Policy
Clubs Fair Contract

Winter Clubs Fair FAQ

Does my student group have to pay to table at Clubs Fair?
We are delighted to report that this year, Winter Clubs Fair's costs have been covered, and we will not be charging a deposit nor a booking fee in advance. However, as will be stated in the Winter Clubs Fair Contract, student groups may be fined if they "no-show" for a booking without due notice.

Why can I only sign up for 3 shifts? What if my club wants to sign up for more?
Until December 22nd, all clubs will be limited to 3 shifts total; this is to ensure we have a diversity of clubs in attendance. That being said, on January 2nd, if there are still table shifts available, we will allow clubs to sign up for additional shifts!

Does my student group need to submit a contract?
Yes! When your student group checks in for their first shift during Winter Club's Fair, we will have a copy of the contract for representatives to sign. The contract must be signed before the start of your shift and you can read it beforehand, right here: Club Fair Contract

Will there be Clubs Fair Info Sessions offered this semester?
Nope! Simply read the Clubs Fair Operating Policy which outlines all the important pieces you'll need to know before Club's Fair. Otherwise, talk to SGS if you have any questions.

What does my student group receive at our table?
We will provide a table space, on which you can perch your display materials, sign up sheets, and giveaway items. If you wish to SELL any items, or request a chair for your recruiters, please let us know no later than January 10th, 2018. Chairs are provided as needed for a valid reason such as an injury or other health-related concerns (it's easier to engage students if you're standing near your table, anyway!).

Will tables be assigned in advance? How will I know where my group's table is at the Fair?
The tables are randomly assigned and will change from shift to shift. Make sure you (and the other members of your group that will be recruiting) come to check in with SGS Staff at the start of your time slot on each day of Clubs Fair.

Other Information:
Clubs who are giving away or selling unapproved items during Clubs Fair can be fined if they have not requested approval by January 10th, and received approval before selling the items at Clubs Fair. Requests can be sent to

If you have any other questions, please email us at

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