Event Organizer Training and ProServe

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Event Organizer Training and ProServe

The one universal requirement for all groups holding any event that has anything to do with alcohol is that they must send at least two executives (who will be attending the event and acting as your Primary or Secondary Event Organizers) to Event Organizer Training.

Event Organizer training includes free access to ProServe training, accessible as an online course. More information about ProServe is listed below. We recommend sending as many executives as you can to EOT, as early in the year as you can, so that you won’t ever be stuck for personnel who aren’t trained at your events. Please keep in mind that EOT is valid for one calendar year from the date you take the session. EOT is also tied to the individual student, and not the student group, so if you are a member of one group your EOT will transfer from group to group!

Please be prepared to attend the seminar from approximately 5:00PM - 8:00PM. The seminar will cover risk management, liquor policy permissions and permits, event planning, and more.

EOT sessions are scheduled approximately once a month. You can find the dates for this training, and sign up on the SGS Training page here.


NEW – July 1, 2016 ProServe is now required for the Primary and Secondary Event Organizer only when the group will be serving the alcohol themselves at the event. That means that if you are holding an event at an On-Campus Licensed Venue (RATT, Deweys, Faculty Club, Lister etc.) or an Off-Campus Licensed Venue (bars, clubs, restaurants etc.) you will not require ProServe! Check out this Process Map to see if you need ProServe or not!

If you are holding it at an On or Off Campus Unlicensed Venue (classroom, atrium, community hall etc.) then the PEO, SEO and all event security and servers will be required to obtain ProServe.

You can take ProServe online at any time. It should take you about two hours to watch the videos, complete the test and pass the course. You can register for ProServe using this form (CCID required), and you will receive email instructions from the SERM Coordinator on how to complete the training and submit your information to be recorded on file. Once you receive your ProServe certification, it is valid for five years.

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