Final day of campaigning and voting

Emerson Csorba - Thu Mar 08, 2012

First of all, if you haven't voted yet, do so here right now!

There is no doubt that 2012 ranks as one of the most intense years of SU executive elections in recent memory. In nearly every race, we’ve seen up to four candidates battling to become your representative in 2012-2013. The Students’ Union Building has until recently been filled with campaign volunteers manning candidates’ tables, and banners still hang from the roof. Quad is a gauntlet of posters. Buildings such as CAB are plastered with candidates’ faces and campaign slogans.

Over the last two weeks, the candidates and campaign managers have been putting in non-stop days on end, with little time to rest and re-energize for classroom talks, one-on-ones with students and forums anywhere from Myer Horowitz Theatre to Campus Saint-Jean and even Augustana. With campaigning set to finish in a matter of hours, candidates are digging deep to gain any edge that could put them over the top.

At 8 pm tonight, we will know which of our peers come out on top of this year’s SU executive elections. Although winning is certainly important, and disappointment will come for those that are not successful, every candidate should be applauded for the tremendous work that they have put in. Forums can be intimidating for some, and preparation that goes in emotionally and mentally for a campaign is significant. Candidates often miss numerous classes, spend countless hours learning about the different positions and the major issues, and simultaneously attempt to maintain some degree of sanity in their lives. It’s a demanding process.

From personal experience, the SU executive elections are both a marathon and a sprint. In the grand scheme of things, two weeks of campaigning is very little. Consequently, you have to dedicate a lot of energy every day and maintain strong drive. But if you don’t pace yourself by taking breaks and developing a solid routine for each day of campaigning, you will hit the wall.

Congrats once again to the candidates in this year’s elections. You have taken the plunge into unknown waters, and have made for an interesting, entertaining and inspirational election.