VPA Elections Predictions

Emerson Csorba - Tue Feb 28, 2012

There is no doubt that 2012 marks a major turnaround in SU elections.

Last year, all but one of the executive positions were uncontested. And many contested races of past years featured only two candidates. While some might argue that this year’s large crop of candidates is a matter of chance, I would disagree.

My take on this year’s election is that we are seeing so many candidates due to the emphasis on better communication with students. To be more specific, I think that this year’s executive has focused on spending more time outside of the office working with our peers, improving relationships with faculty associations and using media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Now that we are seeing an intense and highly contested election, I will offer a few more tangible predictions for election season:

  1. 30% turnout in the current SU election. Although turnout generally hovers around 15-20%, I think that we will see a 10% jump this year. I might be mistaken, but I can feel something big coming.

  2. Packed Myer Horowitz forum. When Myer rolls around next week, I think that we’ll see a full house and an audience buzzing with energy.

  3. Every single position contested in the Students’ Council elections. Simply put, the mid-March Council elections will see just as high of a turnout as the executive elections.

These are bold predictions, but I feel confident that you will see them fulfilled.