VP Operations and Finance
Alana Krahn VP Operations & Finance

Alana Krahn is the Vice President of Operations and Finance of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. She is in her fifth year, majoring in Business Law and Economics, and minoring in Sociology. Throughout her time at the U of A and her co-op work experiences, Alana has conducted a range of academic and market research. She is keenly interested in the intersections of social and economic topics.

Alana was an active member of General Faculties Council last year, which led her to realize the extreme value of student voices in University governance. During this term on the Students’ Union executive team, Alana is excited to oversee the Students’ Union’s budget, as well as the operations of the SU’s businesses and services. She is committed to prioritizing sustainability and student wellness and mental health in her work at the Students’ Union.

In her spare time, Alana is an avid and determined gardener, and she has a deep love of classical and jazz music, both listening and performing. Waking up early in the morning to go for a run or read a book is a favourite pastime.

Duties of the VP Operations and Finance

The Vice-President Operations & Finance (also known as the "VP Ops Fi") oversees the SU's $11 million annual budget, and is responsible for the strategy and operations at the SU's many businesses, including Dewey's, Room at the Top, the Daily Grind, SUBprint and more. This position also oversees the operation of the Students' Union Building, including tenancy agreements, and sits on a variety of committees and boards related to the dispersal of Dedicated Fee Units.

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