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Andre Bourgeois
Andre Bourgeois VP Student Life

Andre is a sixth year student in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Sociology. After graduating high school in Morinville, Alberta, he moved to Edmonton where he began his involvement with the Students’ Union as a Faculty Leader with the Week of Welcome and New Student Orientation Program. Driven by a desire to improve campus life, Andre held the position of Student Promotional Coordinator with UASUevents from 2016-2018, working with a team of volunteers to organize events such as Week of Welcome, Campus Cup, AntiFreeze, and the Students’ Union Christmas Party for Kids. In addition to supporting Residence Associations and promoting wellness initiatives for students, Andre is passionate about enlivening the campus community by assisting Student Groups in achieving their goals and hosting successful events. This year, he looks forward to contributing to the University’s plan to prevent and respond to incidences of sexual violence in the campus community, as well as upholding the responsibility to support Indigenous students.

Andre is an avid hiker, and loves exploring the Rocky Mountains in pursuit of new sights and experiences. In his free time, he enjoys indoor rock climbing, snowboarding, and cooking. A music enthusiast, Andre always seeks to connect with people by sharing music and supporting local musicians. Grateful to serve as this year’s Vice President Student Life, Andre is inspired by the opportunity to further the University of Alberta’s capacity to serve as a warm, welcoming, and inclusive space for all students.

Duties of the VP Student Life

The wide-ranging portfolio of the Vice-President Student Life includes non-academic advocacy on issues that impact students, which can include everything from mental health to residence. The VP Student Life is also the executive responsible for much of the programming and events put on by the Students' Union, as well as services like the Peer Support Centre.

Reports to Students' Council

Filename Date
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (01) May 15, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (02) May 29, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (03) June 12, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (04) June 26, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (05) July 10, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (06) July 31, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (07) Aug. 21, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (08) Sept. 11, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (09) Sept. 18, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (10) Oct. 2, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (12) Oct. 30, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (14) Nov. 27, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (15) Dec. 11, 2018
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (16) Jan. 8, 2019
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (17) and (18) Jan. 22, 2019
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (20) Feb. 5, 2019
Vice-President (Student Life) - Report (21) Feb. 12, 2019
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