Seven days away

Emerson Csorba - Thu Nov 10, 2011

(While reading the text below, you should play this song. It really conveys the moment I’m in right now.)

We are at the eight day countdown. Everything is coming together and I feel like the foundation for success is in place. One of the big things that I have learned through organizing the symposium is that you can’t do something big without a team behind you. It would not be physically or mentally possible to do something like the symposium, Week of Welcome, Campus Cup or any large-scale event on your own. You could try, but you’d fail.

I’m excited for this: 130 applications, $9000 in awards, tons of judges, a pristine space in CCIS, $1000 “Big Question” contest, an abundance of creativity and passion from the students involved. I hope it will go even better than planned.

November 17 and 18 are the big days. Then it’s a nice, relaxing day off and the true beginning of the second half of the term.