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Christian Fotang
Christian Fotang VP External

Christian is the Vice President External Affairs of the University of Alberta Students' Union. He is in his fifth year of a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biology, and minoring in Psychology. During this term on the Students' Union, Christian is most excited about continuing to build relationships across all levels of government and fighting for a post-secondary education system that’s both accessible and affordable for UAlberta students. You’ll also see him out and about organizing a Get Out The Vote campaign for the upcoming 2023 provincial election. Christian is always thinking of ways to provide opportunities for student participation in advocacy and is driven to help contribute to creating a post secondary education system that is affordable and accessible for all.

Throughout his time at the U of A, Christian has been a researcher, conducting research in atmospheric chemistry. He has also been involved in multiple student groups such as Science FUNdamentals, Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres and worked as a line cook at Earl's on Campus. Outside of student governance, Christian is an avid podcast listener, football (soccer) fanatic, and self taught guitarist struggling to learn Norwegian. He loves walks in the rain, learning about an array of topics, sparkling water and spending time with his little sister.

If you would like to talk more about soccer, offer free Norwegian lessons or most importantly have concerns, or even ideas for how we can build on our student advocacy, you can reach out to Christian via email: christian.fotang@su.ualberta.ca, phone: (780)-492-4241, or by social media on Instagram: @uasuexcutive

Duties of the VP External

The Vice-President External is focused primarily on external advocacy, working with the municipal, provincial and federal governments on issues that impact students, such as tuition, financial aid, and student debt. The person in this position frequently meets with MLAs and MPs to advocate on behalf of students. The "VP Ex" works closely with post-secondary lobby groups, including the Council of Alberta University Students and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations.

Reports to Students' Council

Filename Date
VP External Report (2022-01) May 10, 2022
VP External Report (2022-02) May 31, 2022
VP External Report (2022-03) June 28, 2022
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