Abner Monteiro
Abner Monteiro President

Abner is a sixth-year kinesiology student and serves as your 2022-23 University of Alberta Students’ Union President. Before becoming President, Abner served as the UASU Vice President Academic, and President of his Faculty Association: the Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Students’ Society. He pushed for the creation of the Exploration Credit grading system so you can explore new courses without jeopardizing your GPA, and the implementation of the Zero Textbook Cost Indicator on Beartracks so you can see if your course requires a textbook. Abner’s passion for governance and leadership stems from his involvement in different clubs and groups at the University of Alberta. He believes that student advocacy has the power to improve our university experience significantly. Grateful to serve as this year’s President, Abner is excited to champion the student movement and ensure that the University of Alberta is a welcoming, inclusive, and exciting place for every one of us.

Beyond being the official spokesperson of the Students’ Union, his goals this year focus on academic improvements that will enhance our learning experience, rebuilding student life after COVID, ensuring that our campuses are safe and welcoming places for students to live and travel, equipping student leaders to best fight for you, and preparing students for their futures after University. When Abner is not advocating for students, you can find him on the basketball court, in the kitchen, and exploring new and exciting eats around YEG. To keep updated on the UASU President's portfolio, follow him on Instagram @uasuexecutive and Twitter @UASUPresident.

Duties of the President

The Students' Union President is the primary spokesperson o the Students' Union. This position oversees all the other executives, as well as the organization's strategy, operations, employees, advocacy and more! This wide-ranging position is responsible for an enormous range of tasks, including heading major initiatives, working with the Board of Governors and the General Faculties Council and advocating on behalf of students to the University administration and all levels of government.

Reports to Students' Council

Filename Date
President Report (2022-01) May 10, 2022
President Report (2022-02) May 31, 2022
President Report (2022-03) June 14, 2022
President Report (2022-04) June 28, 2022
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