Reed Larsen
Reed Larsen President

Reed Larsen is a 7th-year political science student scholar of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College with a keen focus on provincial politics. Becoming involved in student governance the last two academic years, he has served on Students Council, General Faculties Council, Arts Faculty Council, University of Alberta Senate and in 2017/18 the Vice President External for the Students' Union and Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students. He has been an active member of the campus community for years and is thrilled to serve as the UASU President for 2018/19, which very well may be his final year on campus.

Before academics, Reed has a diverse background, including time working in Shenzhen China as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor, home construction, door-to-door sales, and property management. He has been the owner of two small businesses, one involving sales for eavestrough maintenance and a second doing aerial photography and mapping using small UAV's or drones. Raised between Spruce Grove and Devon Alberta, he has a history of rural community involvement in 4H, reining, rodeo, and jackpots. Currently living in the Garneau neighbourhood of Edmonton, his hobbies now include sewing, racing drones, skiing, and reading. You can follow along with his personal life online (snapchat @kingjoffery, instagram @thatreallyblondeguy) or professional (Facebook @uasupresident, Twitter @uasupresident).

Duties of the President

The Students' Union President is the primary spokesperson o the Students' Union. This position oversees all the other executives, as well as the organization's strategy, operations, employees, advocacy and more! This wide-ranging position is responsible for an enormous range of tasks, including heading major initiatives, working with the Board of Governors and the General Faculties Council and advocating on behalf of students to the University administration and all levels of government.

Reports to Students' Council

Filename Date
President - Report (01) May 15, 2018
President - Report (02) May 29, 2018
President - Report (03) June 12, 2018
President - Report (04) June 26, 2018
President - Report (05) July 10, 2018
President - Report (06) July 31, 2018
President - Report (07) Aug. 21, 2018
President - Report (08) Sept. 11, 2018
President - Report (09) Sept. 18, 2018
President - Report (10) Oct. 2, 2018
President - Report (12) Oct. 30, 2018
President - Report (14) Nov. 27, 2018
President - Report (15) Dec. 11, 2018
President - Report (17) and (18) Jan. 29, 2019
President - Report (20) Feb. 5, 2019
President - Report (21) Feb. 12, 2019
President - Report (22) Feb. 26, 2019
President - Report (23) March 12, 2019
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