Understanding University Room Numbers

New Student Orientation

You might be wondering what the series of letters and numbers that make up your classroom means. No worries, we have a simple guide to help you de-code the riddle.

Classroom locations (usually) follow a standard formula:

  • Building
  • Floor
  • Room

Some examples:
T B 11 - This means Tory Building, Basement level, classroom 11.
ED 1-128 - This means Education Building, North Section 1st Floor, classroom 128.


Main buildings on campus are identified with an acronym. This is a partial list, and a full list can be found through the University of Alberta campus map.

Acronym Building What We Call It
AF Agriculture/Forestry Centre AgFor
BS Biological Sciences* BioSci
BUS Alberta School of Business Business
CCIS Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science CCIS
CAB Central Academic Building Cab
C Gunning/Lemieux Chemistry Centre* Chem
CSC Computing Science Centre CompSci
ESB Earth Sciences Building ESB
ECHA Edmonton Clinic Health Academy ECHA
ED Education Centre North and South* Ed
ETLC Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex ETLC
GSB General Services Building GSB
HC Humanities Centre* Humanities
MCM Pavillon McMahon
MEC Mechanical Engineering Mec E
NRE Natural Resources Engineering NREF
SAB South Academic Building Sab
SUB Students' Union Building Sub
T Henry Marshall Tory Building* Tory
TL Tory Lecture Theatres* Tory Lecture
VVC Van Vliet Complex Van Vliet

*A few buildings are more complicated than others:

  • The Biological Sciences building is divided into 5 wings: CW, G, M, P, Z. Room numbers look like: BS M-149. This means it is in the M wing, on the first floor, room 149. Signage is pretty good in the building, so make sure you floor them.
  • The Chemistry building might have rooms that look like C E1-60. This means it is in the east side of the building, first floor, room 60.
  • Rooms in Education might look like: ED 1-128. The "-" means that it is in the northern section of the building. There is no indication for the southern part of the building, rooms there will be indicated like: ED 232
  • The Humanities Center also has a separate acronym for their lecture theatres. If you see HC L1-L1/L2/L3/L4 this does not indicate the level it is on, but rather that it is a lecture theatre, which are all located on the first floor. Signage in the building will help you navigate.
  • Tory can be divided into 3 different sections that each have their own acronym. T (Tory), TL (Tory Lecture), and T BW (Tory Breezeway). While Tory and Tory Breezeway are connected, Tory Lecture Theatres are located in a separate building just to the north of Tory.


Secondly comes the floor number. B or L means basement, 1 is main level, and a number above 1 means an upper floor. Some building have multiple basements, which are represented with L1, L2, or L3.

Sometimes the floor can get mashed together with the room number. For example:

  • MCM 318 is a room in the Pavillon McMahon Building, on the 3rd floor, room number 318.
  • ESC 3-27 is a room in the Earth Sciences Building, on the 3rd floor, room number 3-27.
  • CCIS L2-440 is a room in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, on the 2nd basement level, room number 440.

Usually a good rule of thumb is that the first number of a room number is what floor it is on, except if there is a B or L in there.


Thirdly comes the room number, which you should be able to navigate to using the signage in the building.

This should be all you need to find your way come Orientation. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to ask one of our many volunteers for assistance in getting where you need to go!

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