YOURientation Podcast

New Student Orientation

Welcome to the YOURientation Podcast!

This podcast is brought to you by the University of Alberta Students' Union! In this limited series, you will learn information related to academics, involvement opportunities, and really everything about the University of Alberta! You'll hear from current students, alumni, staff, and community members, hearing their experiences, tips, and tricks to succeeding in your first year of university.

The YOURientation Podcast was released as part of New Student Orientation 2021.

Big thank you to Cameron Hildebrandt and all our guest speakers for joining us this year!

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Season 1 Episodes!

  • Episode 1 - Welcome to YOURientation!

  • Episode 2 - Your UASU.

  • Episode 3 - University Student Services Pt.1.

  • Episode 4 - University Student Services Pt2.

  • Episode 5 - Families Supporting their Students.

  • Episode 6 - Community, Support, & COVID-19.

  • Episode 7 - Student Tips & Tricks.

  • Episode 8 - What's going on in September?

Season 2 Episodes!

  • Episode 1 - YOUR UAlberta Campus!

  • Episode 2 - All about academics.

  • Episode 3 - What I wish I knew as a first year.

  • Episode 4 - This is your UASU!

  • Episode 5 - How does the University support you?

  • Episode 6 - Just for fun; the life outside of academics.

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