Understanding University Faculties and Departments

New Student Orientation

The University offers programs in a wide array of fields, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand where you fit in to the big picture. Here’s a quick guide to understanding faculties at the University of Alberta.

Colleges and Faculties are divisions of the University grouped by broad field of study. These are the most commonly used divisions for students and it is important to know which college and faculty you belong to! Below is a list of the current UofA Colleges, Faculties, and affiliated colleges. For more information, please visit :

College of Natural + Applied Sciences College of Social Sciences + Humanities College of Health Sciences Independent Faculties/Affiliated Colleges/Campuses
Faculty of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES) Faculty of Arts Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation (KSR) Augustana Campus - Camrose, Alberta
Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Business Faculty of Medicine + Dentistry Campus Saint-Jean - Edmonton, Alberta
Faculty of Science Faculty of Education Faculty of Nursing Faculty of Extension
Faculty of Law Faculty of Pharmacy + Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research
School of Public Health Faculty of Native Studies
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine St. Joesph's College
St. Stephen's College