Campus Tours

New Student Orientation

Welcome to your campus tour of the University of Alberta North Campus.

Looking to get familiar with campus before you arrive? Check out our comprehensive virtual tours below!

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Click here to explore the Students' Union Building!

This tour includes information on SU businesses, services, and events; as well as University supports that can be found in SUB! Navigate using the arrows or the map in the upper right corner, and be sure to click the SU flame logo in every room to learn about the space and services offered.

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Click here to access the Virtual Campus Tour!

This virtual tour is built as an opportunity to learn about the diverse buildings on North Campus that you will be accessing during your time at the University of Alberta.

Buildings are typically labeled by their acronym on schedules and other documents. We've organized the navigation menu with the official name and it's acronym. As you begin to navigate the North Campus , feel free to use this resource to help get the most from your virtual tour of North Campus. Click here to access the University of Alberta campus map.