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ElderCare Edmonton is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing recreational therapeutic programming for seniors in the community.

Recreation Program Volunteers take part in the on-site facilitation of our day programs. This includes many things, such as playing physical games, guiding arts and crafts, and fostering meaningful conversation with our clients.

Our Day Programs operate out of three different locations across Edmonton, and volunteers are able to work alongside their supervisor to specify which location and time works best for their schedule.

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Do you have a passion for ensuring Albertans receive the best possible health care? Are you looking for a way to make a difference while using your skills to make a difference in people’s lives?

Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society is currently recruiting a Volunteer Coordinator to join our team! We are a non-profit Alberta organization who advocates with families and patients to help them obtain information where unanswered questions may remain with respect to their treatment within the health system.

Main responsibilities will include:

* Interview select and train Volunteers for the various events.
* Ensure all volunteer documentation is complete and submitted such as the Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Form.
* Manage volunteers, evaluate their performance, and conduct reassignment, if required.
* Manage recruitment sites such as volunteer connector, and locate new avenues to source volunteers.
* Determine the volunteer requirements of a specific area or event.
* Develop, maintain, and manage a volunteer database for easy access.
* Assist board to ensure all committee volunteer requirements are met.
* Mediate for a committee chair in the event of an issue with a volunteer.
* Create, maintain, and provide a volunteer orientation package.
* Implement the volunteer guidelines and policies that have been decided by the board.
* Train new board members and ensure all documentation is complete and submitted.
* Ensure board member training package is current, accurate and complete.

This position provides the flexibility for an individual to work from home during the hours that are convenient and will stay connected as a Board Member through monthly meetings.

To apply, email your resume to gnowlan@openarmsadvocacy.com


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The J Healthcare Initiative, a globally renowned non-profit organization, is actively seeking passionate, committed, and driven students for our College Chapter program. As a volunteer, you will have a unique opportunity to support the J Healthcare Initiative's mission, which aims to advocate for expanded legal-prescription access to a range of regulated opioids and stimulants to reduce the harms associated with toxic, unregulated illegal drugs.

to proceed please submit your resume and brief cover letter to volunteer@j-initiative.org


As a College Chapter Volunteer, you will:

1. Facilitate free harm-reduction workshops to educate the campus community about health and wellness.
2. Advocate for full spectrum harm-reduction and promote the J healthcare Initiative at your institution.
3. Organize fundraising events to raise critical funds and awareness for harm reduction and individualized treatment options.

Facilitate educational workshops to raise awareness about the benefits of legal-prescription access to regulated opioids and stimulants.
Advocate for full-spectrum harm reduction and promote the J Healthcare Initiative's mission at your institution.
Organize events to raise critical funds and awareness for expanded access to safe, regulated drugs and individualized treatment options.

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Are you a recent grad or a university student looking to gain experience and strengthen your resume?

Volunteer with CCI-LEX to teach English to adult newcomers and refugees to hone your skills in effective communication, facilitation, and working with diverse groups of learners — all of which are skills sought after by employers.

You will receive robust training and detailed lesson plans, so you can teach and support students with confidence.

Plus, you can get job references from our supportive team, build your network, and gain access to free training workshops and other learning opportunities.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and experiences! We firmly
believe that every individual has a unique set of skills, experiences, and insights to offer our students and our organization.

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