Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

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Info-Link Electronic Waste Collection

The mandate of the Infolink recycling program is:

  • To provide a more convenient way to recycle items that cannot be recycled otherwise on campus.
  • To prevent dangerous and possibly toxic chemicals from leaching into the environment if not disposed of properly.
  • To raise awareness of what materials can be recycled or safely disposed of.


The Infolink recycling program aims to provide the University community, and students especially, with a convenient way to dispose of environmentally hazardous materials. Sustain SU boxes are conveniently located at Infolink booths around campus where anyone can drop off materials such as batteries, ink/laser jet cartridges, and cell phones. From September to April, the contents of these boxes are picked-up by Sustain SU volunteers every other week.

InfoLink booths can be found at many convenient locations around campus, SUB, CAB and HUB. Ink and LaserJet cartridges are also accepted at the Campus Food Bank, University Bookstore and SUBprint. There are battery bins in the lower level of the bookstore, and around campus.

To properly dispose of larger electronics such as televisions, monitors, computers, etc., please visit the City of Edmonton's E-Waste recycling page and stop by an Eco-Station near you!

For more information about other recycling programs on campus, please visit Facilities and Operations Recycling.

Electronics Roundup


For a complete list visit: http://scri.ca/products-we-recycle.htm

Computers, Laptops, Notebook Computers, Monitors (CRT and LCD), Televisions, Servers, Main Frames, Circuit Boards, Peripherals (Mice, Keyboards, Speakers), Printers, Fax Machines, Cell Phones, Ink/toner Cartridges, PDAs and Medical Equipment. IMPORTANT: Personal items only. University of Alberta owned or inventory-tagged items will not be accepted. All electronics will receive data wipe certification, however it is strongly recommended you remove sensitive information from equipment before disposal to ensure your personal security.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors: Shanked Computer Recycling Inc, Alberta Recycling Management Authority, Energy Management and Sustainable Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

May I collect items that have been dropped off?

No items are permitted to be removed from the bin. The electronics roundup aims to provide a safe and secure recycling alternative and removal of items from the bins violates our policy.

What do I do with U of A inventory that is now obsolete?

Anything that is part of the university's inventory-tagged system must be disposed of through SMS - Distribution Services - Surplus Services.

Procedure is HERE

Should I wipe the data off my device?

Data is wiped off all devices, however it is strongly recommended you remove sensitive information from equipment before disposal to ensure your personal security.

Can memory of old PCs be wiped?

Data is cleared from all computers.

Who receives data wipe certification?

Shanked provides the University of Alberta with the data wipe certification certificate.

What if I miss the roundup?

You can bring your electronics to a City of Edmonton EcoStation - please do not leave your belongings outside the bins.

What if I want to donate my computer to a good cause?

Computers for Refugees Facebook Group

Can I drop off tube TVs and apple speakers?

Yes. Accepted electronics can be found at (no matter the brand)

Are headphones acceptable?


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Monday to Friday
Best available by appointment.


Sustain SU Office
0-81 Student Life Central desk Lower Level
Students' Union Building
University of Alberta
8900 - 114 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2J7