What We Do

What We Do


Sustain SU is proud to be at the heart of sustainability at the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union. We are a service that provides peer-to-peer learning and support for all undergraduate students to incorporate sustainability into their university experience. This includes providing sustainability-based services to the entire campus community, as well as opportunities to facilitate change on a larger scale.

Since our inception in 2003, we have adapted our services to the needs of the campus community and our volunteers. Our work has impacted countless volunteers, staff, students and campus community members. We hope to continue to do so into the future.


We aim to offer volunteer experiences that are both challenging and rewarding experience!

You will have the opportunity to work alongside people from diverse backgrounds, university officials, hardworking colleagues, and those involved in sustainability projects across the city! Volunteers are offered: projects to manage, professional development opportunities, and community building sessions. We encourage volunteers to propose, create and pursue new ideas to help impact the sustainability of UAlberta. Our volunteers act as representatives of Sustain SU and the Students’ Union, and are asked to reflect our vision mission and values throughout all of their work and activities.

This academic year we are offering Community Service Learning (CSL) projects for students who want to contribute to campus sustainability while receiving course credits. If you would like to work with us, please ask a teacher if doing a project through CSL is an option for your course!

For those who volunteer directly with our main initiatives their contributions are noted on their Co-Curricular Records. Depending on a person’s knowledge of sustainability, their level of comfort with our initiatives, and the roles and responsibilities they are willing to undertake, we offer two levels for volunteers: Campus Sustainability Volunteers (CSVs) and Senior Volunteers (SVs).


Sustainability Ambassadors are volunteers who contribute to the success of Sustain SU's initiatives. Recruitment begins in August for those who have previously volunteered, and in September for those interested in getting involved for the first time. There are group interviews that take place in late September. Sustainability Ambassadors are selected by Leadership Team Volunteers who typically require six to eight volunteers for their initiatives.

Leadership Team Volunteer positions are offered to dedicated past volunteers and then to successful applicants. The LTVs operate and maintain Sustain SU’s initiatives, while the Sustain SU staff provide them with tools and support they need to accomplish their tasks. Not only do SVs gain valuable experience collaborating with CSVs and managing projects, they also become members of the Sustain SU Leadership Team (LT).

The Leadership Team is the group that makes decisions to guide the direction of the service. It is comprised of the Sustain SU’s staff and all Leadership Team Volunteers. We apply a consensus-based decision-making model to ensure each member of the group has equal say and buy-in to decisions being made. All internal and human resources decisions are made by the LT as a whole at LT meetings which occur once every 3 weeks.


Sustain SU is categorized into three main working groups. These working groups collaborate to ensure that all of our projects, events, campaigns, and engagement activities make an impact!

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The Office of Sustainability4 is both our main collaborator for ongoing projects and sponsor for the Reusable Dish Project and Bike Library & Workshop. We work closely to deliver three special events throughout the year. Environment Week in June, Sustainable Awareness Week in October, and the Student Sustainability Summit in January. While our organizations maintain similar mandates, we attempt to differentiate our offerings when and where possible.

Our spaces are Green Spaces Gold Certified. Certify your events, offices, and laboratories!

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