Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the full FAQ to see if your question has been answered here! If you still have questions, you can email us at awards@uasu.ca. Please allow for up to five business days for us to respond, as we receive a large volume of email, especially close to the application deadline.

Using the Application Form:

Q: Will I receive a confirmation email when I submit my application?

A: Yes! Typeform will display a confirmation message after you have submitted, and you should receive a confirmation email. If you are not sure if you received a confirmation email, double-check your spam filter.

Q: What do you mean by "current year"?

A: We mean the year you were enrolled in during the most recent Fall and/or Winter terms.

Q: The award description for Coca-Cola Achievement Awards seems vague. Is there something specific I should talk about in my application?

A: Coca-Cola Achievement Awards description does not contain many specific conditions to allow for many types of students to apply. It is up to the applicant to interpret the requirements and apply them to their involvement on campus.

Q: Do I need a personal statement/reference letter for each award I am applying for?

A: You will only submit one statement for all awards you wish to be considered for. We recommend that you tailor your statement to the award that you believe that you are most qualified for but take into consideration the criteria for all awards you apply for. Your reference letters can reflect this or speak on your general qualities as an applicant.

Review awards descriptions in the Awards Listing.

Q: Who should I ask to write a reference letter?

A: Your reference letter(s) should compliment your awards selection(s) and personal statement. Choose someone who can speak to the qualities and experience that the award is looking for. For example, if you are applying for academic awards, try to include a reference letter from a professor, teaching assistant, or someone else who can speak to your academic dedication. If you are applying for volunteer awards, you can ask someone within the organization you volunteer with or a previous employer. We do not require reference letters from specific people unless directly stated in the awards description.

Q: Should I submit my reference letter with my application or can my reference submit their letter themselves?

A: Either option is acceptable, as long as the letter is submitted before the deadline.

Eligibility & Criteria

Q: I am in a program that has "pass-fail" credits rather than grades (eg: Medical Doctorate program). How will this affect my ability to apply for awards with GPA requirements?

A: If you are in a pass-fail program, please put your GPA as 0.00 in the form. We are able to request your grades from your Faculty if they are available and we require them. We encourage you to still apply for awards you think you are most qualified for.

Q: I'm worried my GPA isn't high enough to apply. Do the UASU Awards consider academic excellence?

A: We understand that many factors can affect a person's GPA. For many awards the minimum GPA requirement is 1.8, as we also take into consideration community involvement, engagement on campus, and other factors. Some awards are based on academics so make sure you fully read the eligibility requirements of each award.

Q: Do I need to be enrolled at the U of A for the upcoming 2023-24 year to be eligible?

A: You are eligible to apply if you were enrolled in the Fall 2022/Winter 2023 academic year. The awards recognize achievement from the previous year, so you can still apply if you are graduating in 2023. You must be finished or finishing your final year to qualify for awards specifically for individuals in their graduating year, like the Centenary Awards. The latest you can convocate is November 2023 to be considered for such awards.

Q: Are graduate students eligible for Students' Union Involvement/Centenary Awards?

A: No, graduate students are only eligible for the Coca-Cola Student Achievement Awards.

Q: I was only enrolled in classes for one semester this year due to work term/co-op/personal reasons. Can I still apply for these awards?

A: If you were enrolled for either Fall 2022 or Winter 2023 semesters, you are eligible to apply for the Students' Union Awards. We only consider GPA from the term you were enrolled in.

Q: I was only enrolled in classes for one semester this year due to work term/co-op/personal reasons. What value do I use for my cumulative GPA and credits total?

A: Input your GPA from the semester you were enrolled and record the total number of credits for the year, including work term credits.

Q: For the awards that list being a part of an "athletic program", do you need to be involved in on-campus athletics?

A: Involvement in any athletics program (recreational, varsity, etc) whether it is on campus or off campus will be considered unless the award specifies involvement on campus.

Timelines & Communications

Q: If I applied for an award this year, when should I expect to hear back from the program?

A: You will hear back from the Awards Program administrators in September of the current year.

Student Group Awards

Q: Are graduate student groups eligible for Student Group Awards?

A: Although graduate student groups are registered with Student Group Services, they are not considered a Students' Union recognized group and therefore are not eligible for the SU Student Group Awards.

Past Recipients

Q: If I received an SU Award and need someone to verify it for an application, who can verify it?

A: Please email awards@uasu.ca to request staff contact information for these purposes. (Best of luck on your medical school/law school/graduate school/etc application!)

Q: Can I apply for or receive an award that I received in the past, a second time?

A: Individual students can win each of the SU Involvement Awards only once in their lifetime, unless otherwise stated in the award description. Please check the Awards Listing for the specific award you are interested in.

Student Groups can win the same award more than once in the group's lifetime, unless otherwise stated in the award description.

SALUTEs can be awarded to the same professor more than once in their lifetime and tenure at the University of Alberta.

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