Conference Descriptions

Conference Descriptions

Campus Cup is organized in a way that makes it accessible, fun, and competitive for all players and teams. The tournament features three distinct conferences that cater to all skill levels.

Tournament Information

Regardless of what conference a player plays in, they will be guaranteed a minimum of 5 games amongst other teams of the same skill level. (More if their team makes the playoffs)

There is also a cap of the total number of teams participating in the entirety of the Campus Cup tournament. The maximum you can have is 15 players!



Players and teams in the competitive conference of Campus Cup are well-versed and skilled in dodgeball. These participants have past history in Campus Cup and have played competitive dodgeball before in other University of Alberta settings. What they are looking to get out of this tournament is an exciting, action-packed weekend of matches and games. Teams that are placed into the Competitive Conference will get top priority in premium gym spaces that are best suited for intense, competitive play. (i.e the David Tuckey Gymnasium for playoffs and the Education Gym for round robins). If you as a participant/team care about the nuances of dodgeball and want the best environment to really show your stuff, Competitive is the conference for you!


Participants that wish to play in the Experienced Conference of Campus Cup are familiar with how Campus Cup and other sporting tournaments are run. Most team members would have past experience in University of Alberta dodgeball, be it through the Lister Dodgeball League, East Campus Dodgeball League, Rec Services intramurals, or previous tournaments. This conference is geared towards teams that have a decent knowledge of how UofA dodgeball works, but might not have the desire to play in the highest tier. What these individuals are looking to get out of the weekend is a solid tournament structure with other teams that share a similar mindset and skill level. Gym space for the Experienced Conference will be be adequate in satisfying the dimensions required for a solid game of dodgeball. (i.e the Education Gym for playoffs and the Main Gym for round robins ).


The Recreational Conference is reserved for teams and players who are new to the Campus Cup Tournament and the post-secondary dodgeball environment. Teams are looking to have a ton of fun and show great spirit in how they interact with other teams, but they might not have as much skill or experience as others. This conference caters to the rookie players who are looking to get started in the dodgeball environment or to continue to improve their skills as participants and as team members. Gym space for the Recreational teams are well suited for the kind of play that appeals to the fun-loving side of dodgeball. (i.e the Main Gym for playoffs and the East Gym for round robins). Teams in this conference will be scheduled as efficiently as possible to avoid downtime, and spending extra hours on campus.

Please note that the Campus Cup organizers reserve the right to move teams to different conferences if required. Because of the nature of this tournament, schedules and game locations are subject to change.

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