Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

The 5 Guidelines to Successful Dodgeball

We want to make the dodgeball rules as simple as possible, so that all players can have a great tournament. With this in mind, the Campus Cup Organizing Team has published The 5 Guidelines to Successful Dodgeball. As a player, if all you know are these 5 guidelines, you will be able to hold your own and have a great dodgeball tournament.

1. If you are Hit, You are Out
It's pretty easy. When you get hit by a ball, get off the court. The golden rule of dodgeball is When in Doubt, You are Out or if you're not sure if a ball was live when it hit you, be a sport and step off. If the referee calls you safe, then you can go back and play.

2. The Ball is Live Until it Hits the Ground
Balls in the Campus Cup game of dodgeball are still live until it hits the ground. That means, if the ball bounces off a teammate, a bench, the wall, the roof and then hits you, you are still out.

3. THIS IS NOT DODGEBALL THE MOVIE: No Blocking and Catching a Ball Only Saves You
This is the rule that confuses the most first time players up. Campus Cup dodgeball considers the ball an extension of your body. That means that if a ball hits a ball you are holding, it is the same as a ball hitting you in the head. You're out! Also catching does look cool, but there is no reward. You are safe, the person who threw is safe, and no one gets to come back on the court.

4. Don't Step on the Line
If you step on or over the centre line, you are out. Doesn't matter how much (or little) of your shoe went over. Going over that line, gets you out. Make sure to watch this at the beginning of the game when you start, and run for the balls. Too much momentum and you could be in for an early elimination. Also, watch your throws. Pro tip: stand two feet back. Your throw will still have the same power, and you won't risk crossing the middle line. Also, stay inside the side boundary lines and back line. If you go out too much the ref may call you out. If you are not sure what line is where, ask the referee before the game starts.

5. Sportsmanship is Key
Everyone is coming out this weekend to have fun. Don't be that person and ruin the experience for others. Treat the referees and the other players with respect. Referees are volunteers who are here to help make the games run smooth, and their calls are final and non-reversible. Yelling about a call won't get you anywhere. Unsportsmanlike conduct can get you removed from a match or the tournament. Remember, everyone makes mistakes. No one is out to wreck your team's chances.

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Laws of the Game

For a more comprehensive overview of all the rules, policies and procedures of the tournament, please see the Campus Cup 2023 Rule Book.


All questions about the rules or the tournament in general can be directed to the Tournament Committee at

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