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'In Progress' refers to items that can be completed, e.g. working to create a policy. 'Ongoing' means work on long-term evergreen priorities, e.g. advocating for improved Indigenous student services.

These recommendations are summarized from the ones in the report. To see the full recommendations as they are originally worded, see the full report here.

Recommendation Status
The SU shall encourage members of the Executive Committee to receive training on Aboriginal Peoples of Canada. Complete – Developing Truth and Reconciliation framework, participated in KAIROS blanket exercises, added standing orders requirement for Execs to receive appropriate training in perpetuity.
The SU should register its senior staff in the Indigenous Partnership Development Program (IPDP) or similar courses. In progress - Several core managers and other management staff have taken training courses/workshops, completed the Indigenous Canada MOOC, and/or participated in KAIROS blanket exercises.
The SU shall provide students the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal Peoples in Canada through presentations, plaques, advertising initiatives, etc. In progress
The SU shall raise awareness of positive Aboriginal student experiences. Ongoing - Collaborative events highlighting Aboriginal student leadership.
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