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These recommendations are summarized from the ones in the report. To see the full recommendations as they are originally worded, see the full report here.

Recommendation Status
The SU shall hire an expert to conduct an organizational review and provide recommendations for reconciliatory actions. Not started
The SU shall ensure adequate funding for elders and Oskapewsak. In progress – Funds allocated.
The SU shall name a portion of rooms in SUB to acknowledge the ancestral space on which it sits. In progress - Under development.
The SU shall create a webpage to track its progress on these recommendations. Complete
The SU shall create a Reconciliation Coordinator position. Complete
The SU should increase transparency in regards to its work and advocacy. Ongoing - Long-term public awareness campaign in progress
The SU shall advocate for the inclusion of a session on Aboriginal Peoples at New Student Orientation, Eastern Ascent, and Basecamp. In Progress- Under development.
The SU shall incorporate Aboriginal programming into the Week of Welcome schedule each year. In Progress - Under development.
The SU shall hire more people who identify as Aboriginal at all levels of the institution. In progress – Public-facing research explores demographics of SU student employees. Reports to Senate and BoG highlight SU commitment to improving Aboriginal representation among employees. Internal research on best practices.
The SU shall create an Aboriginal Student Success Award. Complete
The SU shall create and incorporate a public framework around Aboriginal student and community consultation. In progress - Drafts under development.
The SU shall explore the possibility of developing collaborative programming with Aboriginal community partners and student groups. In progress - Collaborative events highlighting Aboriginal student leadership.
The SU shall increase its level of programming targeted towards Aboriginal students. In progress – Programming for FAs in production.
The SU shall increase the prevalence of Aboriginal art within its collection and create a mural in SUB. In progress – Preliminary research done. An art committee for SUB is being created with Aboriginal art as a priority.
The SU shall raise awareness of positive Aboriginal student experiences. In progress - Collaborative events highlighting Aboriginal student leadership.
The SU shall make an informal agreement with Aboriginal students outlining the SU’s promise to represent them. In progress - Under development.
The SU shall maintain a unified Acknowledgement of Traditional Territory that will be used throughout the SU. In progress - Workshop is being developed.
The SU shall create an Aboriginal Awareness Week. Not started
The SU shall extend an invitation to Aboriginal stakeholders to any meeting in which Aboriginal students are discussed. In progress - VPSL secured ASC a seat at CFSS Committee and three subcommittees.
The SU shall create a policy surrounding smudging in SU buildings. In progress - First principles developed at Policy Committee.
The SU shall collaborate with Aboriginal elders on all relevant matters. Ongoing - Sought input on the territory acknowledgement workshop.
The SU shall conduct comprehensive research regarding the role that Aboriginality plays in leadership in student governance at the U of A. Complete – Public-facing report complete: 'Identity Matters 2: Diversity of Ancestry and Aboriginality.'
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