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These recommendations are summarized from the ones in the report. To see the full recommendations as they are originally worded, see the full report here.

Recommendation Status
The SU shall advocate for increased access to childcare services at the U of A. Complete - Though more can always be done, the SU has pushed this priority consistently and strongly with Admin, GFC Executive Committee, Senate, and Board of Governors. Internally, SU Executives now have access to childcare benefits, reducing barriers to elected office for students who parent. Support for students who parent has yielded federal commitments as a top CASA ask.
The SU shall increase advocacy for the implementation of mandatory Aboriginal course content. In progress - VP Academic has brought this to two Vice Provosts as a priority.
The SU shall continue to advocate for the building of the Maskwa House of Learning. In progress - SU President advocated to Academic Planning Committee.
The SU shall engage in consultation with surrounding First Nations communities. Initial planning – Local communities identified.
The SU shall support relationship-building with surrounding Aboriginal communities. In Progress – Involvement in TAWOW and several KAIROS blanket exercises.
The SU shall advocate for an increase in support for Aboriginal student services on all campuses. Ongoing – SU Executive have advocated to the Board of Governors and the Senate. VP Student Life has brought this priority to working groups and advisory committees. President has secured relevant commitments from Office of the Dean of Students.
The SU shall advocate for the creation of a dedicated Aboriginal student gathering space at Campus Saint-Jean. Initial planning – Information gathered on the numbers and needs of CSJ Aboriginal students.
The SU shall increase its advocacy towards the federal government on issues of Aboriginal post-secondary funding. Complete – Increased long-term federal advocacy has led to funding commitments and establishment of FNMI representation at CASA.
The SU shall encourage the U of A to conduct a renewed Aboriginal Student Success Survey. Complete – FMNI students included in all major surveys. At the SU's urging, the ASSC will run again in Winter 2020 and the additional analyses have been put forward as priorities.
The SU shall advocate that all faculties provide Aboriginal-specific advising positions. In progress – Execs have brought this issue to University administration and the Academic Restructuring Working Group.
The SU shall advocate for a centralized website for all information pertinent to Aboriginal students. In progress – Background research done. VP Academic advocating to Vice Provost (Indigenous Programming and Research).
The SU shall advocate that plaques be placed narrating art that depicts racist and colonial violence. In progress – Reported to Senate and Board of Governors. President has advocated to appropriate Vice Provost.
The SU shall aid Aboriginal Student Council in securing a sustainable funding model. Complete – SU now collects a fee from students to fund ASC.
The SU shall advocate for financial, housing, and job opportunities for Aboriginal students. Ongoing – Increased funding in federal budget. VP Academic advocated to GFC Executive Committee. SU played a role in Ancillary Services report on housing for students who parent.
The SU shall advocate for increased accessible and online learning for off-campus students. In progress - VP Academics have brought this issue to Admin, both before and during the pandemic. Quality of accessible remote learning is a core advocacy issue. A survey is being released in July 2020.
The SU shall advocate for the creation of a visual identity for First Nations students and alumni. In progress – Research conducted. Reported to Senate and Board of Governors. Potential artists identified.
The SU shall advocate for the creation and implementation of an Aboriginal achievement strategic plan. Initial planning - VP Academic has raised the issue with the appropriate administrators.
The SU shall write an open letter stating its condemnation of racism and discrimination. Complete
The SU shall advocate for campus services to offer programs or services in support of Aboriginal students. In progress - VP Student Life has raised this issue with Office of the Dean of Students regarding specific services.
The SU shall advocate that Residence Services hire Aboriginal students for Aboriginal programmer positions. Complete - VP Student Life advocated to University administration, who resumed hiring FNMI students. UASU will revisit the issue if Residence Services repeats the error in the future.
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