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General Info

Student Group Services assists over 400 active student groups on campus. Whatever interests you may have – academic, cultural, recreational, political – there’s probably a student group that’s right for you. If not, feel free to start a new one!

Getting involved in a student group is a great way to meet fellow students and add an element of excitement to your time on campus. Registered student groups can receive office space in SUB and gain access to many financing and fundraising opportunities.

There are over 450 Student Groups on campus. These include:

  • Faculty/Departmental Associations.
  • Residence Associations
  • Men’s and Women’s Fraternities
  • Political/ Special Interest
  • Hobby/Interest
  • Religious
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice/Public Service

No matter what your interest, there’s a group that’s right for you.

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Student Group Procedure Changes

On February 3rd, 2014, GFC passed the new Student Group Procedure which will replace the Code of Student Behaviour as the governing rules over the student groups on campus. Lana Cuthbertson, the Student Event Risk Management Coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Students, along with Student Group Services created this information sheet about what the major changes are and how they will affect your group's operations. Please read it over here. A copy of the Procedure can be found here. For frequently asked questions about the new procedure, please click here.

About Us

Student Group Services is a service of the Students’ Union intended specifically for the support and management of student groups on campus. SGS is responsible for overseeing the registration of groups with the University, the Graduate Students Association, and Students’ Union. The Student Group Services Staff consists of one full-time non-student Manager, three part-time student Administrative Assistants and two part-time student Coordinators.

Mission Statement
To actively support and develop the members of student groups so they can function at a high level and consequently contribute to forming a well rounded, positive, vibrant, and creative campus community.

SGS Staff

Lisa Kawasaki, Administrative Assistant ::

  1. Faculty of Science, Psychology Major
  2. Co-President of Run for Support and Health
  3. Other than running, Lisa's favourite pastime is jazzercise. (Mostly kidding.) We all know she has plans for world domination, but like everything Lisa does, she'll do it with a smile.

Sarah Flowers, Administrative Assistant ::

  1. Faculty of Arts, Art History Major
  2. Sarah is a self-described stationary addict who is always dressed to impress. If you want to get on her good side, discuss your love of monograms, puppies or Starbucks drinks with her. Bonus points if you bring her an extra hot chai latte from Starbs!

Idel Riemer, Administrative Assistant ::

  1. Faculty of Business, SMO Major
  2. Former President of AIESEC Edmonton
  3. Idel has quite the resume of leadership experience that she can bring to SGS and student groups. This business-woman is always on the go but can always pause for a good laugh. She especially loves jokes about carrots who live alone.

Kaz Haykowsky, Coordinator ::

  1. Faculty of Arts, Political Science Major (Biology Minor)
  2. Kaz has jumped into SGS with both feet - he gets to take over Clubs Fair operations his first week! Kaz has an extensive scouting background, so if you visit SGS and you can't see anyone, it's not that we're not there - we're just expertly camouflaged. Kaz also brings amazing vegan lunches to work, and hopefully will start bringing enough to share.

Eric Kother, Coordinator ::

  1. Faculty of Arts, Visual Art & Design Major (Biology Minor)
  2. Eric describes himself as "the tall, blond Coordinator. Except Kaz is also tall and blond. I'm taller." Be sure to ask Eric about his Clubs Fair-unfriendly wardrobe experience if you read this and see him in the office!

Chelsea Livingstone, Manager ::

  1. Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation, Nutrition & Health Promotion Major
  2. If Chelsea could be any animal, she would be a sloth - because they're fantastic, not because she has any tendency towards moving slowly whatsoever. "Mama Bear" Chelsea is incredibly excited to lead SGS onwards and upwards.
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Monday to Friday
9:00AM - 5:00PM
The SGS office is closed from 1:30-2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Student Group Services Office
Room 0-22
Students' Union Building
University of Alberta
8900 - 114 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2J7