Meet Our Champions

Meet Our Champions

The Stride Campaign School Program is facilitated by the UASU’s Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Centre, with the purpose of empowering students of marginalized genders, from all backgrounds, to participate in student governance.

The purpose and values of the Stride Program have inspired the UAS-U Got This Campaign, with some of its most recent graduates lending their voices (and their images!) to encourage YOU to run for leadership positions on campus. Learn more about them below!

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Name and pronouns: Farah Elgaweesh, she/her

Year, Program of Study: 1st, Nursing

Leadership: VP Events of SDGSA and Marketing director of HSFUA, previous member of Young Canadian Parliament.

Reflection: To take space on campus is to be part of a community of students who share common values about education and community. Thus, by trying to find people who share common interests, you form a relationship with people from different backgrounds and get to learn more about yourself, your interests, and your community. Thus, make sure to be confident and go out of your way to talk to people and learn more.

alt text Name/Pronouns: Hayle Dambrowsky, they/them.

Year, Program of Study: I am in my fifth year of study in Honours Political Science with a minor in sociology and a certificate in applied social science research.

Leadership roles: I have been involved in leadership roles as a volunteer and professional for many years. Specific roles that focused on student life at the University of Alberta included volunteer program lead with The Landing, 2SLGBTQ+ cohort leader for UAlberta residences, Arts Faculty Executive Student Representative, Arts Faculty Committee Student Representative, Vice-President of Events (Community) with the Political Science Undergraduate Association, and regular volunteer twitch the Political Science Department.

What does it mean to you to take up space on campus? Much of my involvement was focused on Arts and Political Science as I focused on giving back to my communities on campus to benefit myself and other students. Taking up space on campus can be scary, but it provided me with incredible personal and professional connections. I met my closest friends and found opportunities to advance my career through volunteer involvement with student governance and student groups.

Encouragement: I encourage all students to focus on their priorities and responsibilities on campus to explore opportunities to be more involved. There are always roles available (paid and volunteer) that need people like YOU to represent the student body! Connecting with BearsDen, UASU, your faculty and department, and student groups will improve your experiences on UAlberta and help other students like you.

alt text Name, pronouns: Asha Jama, She/her

Year, program of study: 1st year, Nursing

What does it mean to you take up space on campus?
Personally, I see advocacy & being part of a community is how I take up space on campus. Being able to advocate & speak up for issues that are important to me is how I like to take up space.

What words of encouragement do you have for anyone considering running for a leadership position? I think anyone who is running should consider what greater cause they can contribute to and use their expertise to build on creating difference in their areas of interest. Therefore, I encourage anyone who has the intention to always remember their why and use it as a drive/motivation in times of hardship and doubt.

alt text Name/Pronouns: Iulia Doire, she/her

Year, program of study: 3rd year in Immunology and Infection

Leadership roles: I have taken part in several volunteer positions off campus. I am looking forward to using the skills I’ve learned from Stride and apply for governance positions on campus!

What does it mean to you take up space on campus? Taking up space on campus means advocating for yourself and understanding that you belong in this space, no matter what anyone else might say. You know yourself better than anyone else, and as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, you deserve to be here just as much as anyone else.

Words of encouragement: Running for a leadership position can be daunting but you many people in these positions jump first and think second. And make sure to surround yourself with supportive friends!

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