UAS-U Got This: Run in the 2024 UASU Elections!

One of the things I have seen very often, if you don’t see yourself reflected in the structures of power, then you don’t actually want to be a part of it.”

Research participant, quoted in Identity Matters!: A Study of Undergraduate Involvement and Leadership In Student Government at UAlberta


The first UASU Got This Campaign ran in 2018, following the publication of the first Identity Matters! Report (IM1) in 2017. The Report found that an individual's identity does in fact affect their experience, from their decision to run, their experience during the campaign, and throughout their work in the role if elected. Research indicates that gender was the single most significant influence when considering to run and campaigning at the UASU Executive level. Race played an equally significant role when it comes to the experience while serving after the election.

The “You Got This!” Campaign called on individuals to run, and the campus community to support the brave people who had the courage to put their names forward on the UASU Elections ballots. The Campaign was established to empower our campus community to improve the culture of our elections and create an atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

In 2019, the UASU published Identity Matters 2: Ancestra Diversity & Aboriginality (IM2), as a follow up to IM1. The Identity Matters 2 project aims to help stakeholders understand and support [Indigenous] and POC students who are interested in leadership roles, with the aim of improving representation at all levels of student governance. All quotes are from anonymous [Indigenous] and POC students unless otherwise noted. 350 [Indigenous] students and over 2,100 POC student contributed to this research.


The UASU Got This campaign…

Diversity makes good governance by ensuring many voices are at the decision making table and able to effect change. While this campaign is celebrating the people who have broken barriers to getting involved, it is also highlighting the work we as a Students’ Union and a community still have to do.

As a community we need to ensure we are debating ideas, not people.

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