Candidates for Vice President (Student Life)

The Vice President (Student Life) or 'VPSL' focuses on all non-academic student issues within the University's sphere. In general, if a student issue is not obviously the responsibility of the VPA or VPX, it is the VPSL's responsibility by default. The VPSL sits on a large number of governance bodies and working groups with the aim of improving the non-academic aspects of the student experience. Students often contact the VPSL for help finding and connecting with the right resources in difficult non-academic circumstances, so the VPSL has a role in advocating for students both individually and collectively. The VPSL works closely with the Office of the Dean of Students and Residence Services, both for advocacy and to shape collective initiatives. The VPSL is the UASU's primary point of contact with Residence Associations, and often represents the UASU in its relationship with other student representative associations. Working with the President, the VPSL can often be the UASU's spokesperson to the public and the media on non-academic student issues.

The candidates in the [YEAR] UASU Election for Vice President Student Life are:


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