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Students' Council (1 seat available)

Nolan Orvold

Growing up in Edmonton I always found myself imagining myself a U of A student. Having a mother who graduated from the school it always seemed like where I would find myself in my future. I did not end up being able to attend the U of A directly out of high school and found myself working as an Electrician for a while before ending up back in post secondary as an open studies. It seems that much like my story most open studies students come from very diverse backgrounds with a broad level of skills external to post secondary. I have learned a lot from the students that attend this school it was from them that I learned of issues I never knew about and started to have an interest in the future of other students that would come after us. I see council as a way to give back to those around me who make this school as great as it is.

I started as a councillor last year because the idea of being more involved excited me. From this experience I learned that the most important thing about student governance is to be able to listen to the broad spectrum of voices that we represent while doing our best to represent the needs of these voices. I thank anyone whose took the time to read this and I hope that you give me the opportunity to represent the students of open studies for one more year!

General Faculties Council (0 seats available)

General Faculties Council does not have a seat for Open Studies.

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