Get Involved

Get Involved

Being involved is the best way to enrich your UAlberta experience. An involved student:

  • Enjoys meeting and connecting with new people.
  • Develops a sense of direction professionally and personally
  • Immerses themselves in experiences relevant to their goals and interests
  • Opens themselves up to numerous opportunities
  • Adds real world value to admissions and employers
  • Has a lot of fun while on campus

You can get involved to have fun or to pursue interests and goals. Regardless of why you get involved, you are likely to experience both as you try new things and learn more about yourself and the world around you.

HOW TO make the most of your involvement.

There are 5 aspects or STEPS to involvement:

  1. Stay informed and attend events
  2. Join a group or volunteer
  3. Gain experience and seek leadership
  4. Get recognized and take stock.
  5. Leverage your involvement

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