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Executive and Treasurer Training

Student Group Services provides specialized executive training for Executives of student groups on campus. Completion of both training sessions is part of the club's recognition agreement registration. Training must be completed by the last day of the second month following your election month. For more details, see our Registration How To page.

Executive Training

At least one member of your current executive team must attend training. The President is preferred, but we welcome any and all members of your executive team!

  1. The session will take approximately three hours from start to finish.
  2. You should bring a pen, a notebook, anything you need to take notes! The session will involve time for networking, so bring business cards or group materials if you have any!
  3. We will be providing a meal. If you have any restrictions, please indicate in your registration!
  4. If you show up more than 15 minutes after the beginning of the first session, your attendance will not be counted.
  5. As part of the new Executive Training Program, we will offer a variety of breakout sessions on different topics.


Reserve your spot in your indicated training session on Eventbrite:

**NOTE: The training session that your group should attend to avoid being frozen is indicated in the APPROVAL message for your student group registration. if you are unsure if when you are supposed to complete this training, please refer to our live-updating spreadsheet, here.

For NEW GROUPS, please wait until your student group registration application has been APPROVED before registering for President's or Treasurer's Training. **

As part of your RSVP ticket order, select a concurrent session to attend after SGS's presentation. The sessions offered will be as follows:

  • Leadership 101: learn the basics of self awareness in leadership, adaptive leadership practices, and what to expect from your year. Recommended for first-time Presidents and executive team members. Presented by the Student's Union Leadership & Recognition Team.
  • Self Care and Burnout Prevention: learn about how to recognize burnout in yourself and others, and discover strategies for self care to make the most of your year while being mindful of your health needs. Student group members and executives are particularly susceptible to burnout; this session will help you manage stress and plan for working through tough times. Presented by the Students' Union Peer Support Centre.
  • Managing Conflict - Making Conflict Constructive: learn additional skills for managing conflicts and disagreements in your student group, and how it can make your club even stronger! Practice having difficult confersations and making the most of disagreements between members. Presented by the Students' Union Leadership & Recognition Team.
  • Beyond Diversity & Inclusion: In this interactive and collaborative session, participants will learn and deepen their understanding about the barriers people face at the university and wider community from an anti-oppressive lense. What are the structural barriers that face students and members of our communities? How do we work together to not only create better clubs, but to create a better world? This introductory session will act a conversation starter and get participants thinking critically about the world and their place in it, and leave them with strategies for developing welcoming environments for their clubs. Presented by the Alberta Public Interest Research Group (APRIG).
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings: learn more about how to maximize your meeting time with your clubs with agendas, Parliamentary meeting structures and strategies. This session will cover Parliamentary Procedure (Robert's Rules of Order) to enable you to run an efficient and fair meeting in a large group setting. Presented by the Students' Union Discover Governance Team.

In the event of low enrolment, some breakout sessions may be cancelled. If this is the case, you will be informed of the breakout session you will be attending when you sign in at President's Training.

Treasurer Training

Treasurer Training will now be taking place online through EClass. To sign up for the online module, please follow the link below to sign up! Make sure to complete Treasurer Training before the deadline assigned to your group!

Treasurer Training Module

NOTE: If you encounter any problems or have any questions about the above trainings, please contact Student Group Services as

Event Organizer Training

Offered by the Office of the Dean of Students

The Student Event Risk Management Coordinator provides event planning and risk mitigation training sessions for student group event planners on campus. Each student group should have at least two (or more!) members with the training who will be acting as the Primary and Secondary Event Organizers if events will be high risk or will involve alcohol.

Things to Know:

  • The training is regularly scheduled from 5:00 - 8:00 PM multiple times a year. You can expect at least one session per month during the academic year, and fewer sessions over the summer.
  • NEW: Training is valid for two calendar years from the date it is taken. This change went into effect as of August 15, 2017 - training completed prior to this date is only valid for one year. Please contact the SERM Coordinator if you are unsure of your training expiry date.
  • There is a minimum attendance requirement of 25 people – sessions with less than the required number may be cancelled at the discretion of the SERM Coordinator.
  • You should bring a pen, a notebook, anything you need to take notes! An EOT Handbook will be provided to each participant. Please bring any food you require with you to the session, as none will be provided.
  • If you need to sign up for ProServe (because your group will be serving alcohol), please register for a ProServe code using this link. Refer to this Process Map to see if you need ProServe for your event. If you have ProServe already, please send a picture or screenshot of your card to to be recorded on file.


Wednesday, November 8th; 5:00-8:00 PM; ECHA L1 430 Monday, November 27th; 5:00-800 PM; ECHA 1 182

There will be no scheduled session in December. Sessions will resume again in January 2018.

NOTE: For any questions, please contact Chelsea Livingstone, the Student Event Risk Management Coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Students, at

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