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The Students’ Union administers the Student Group Granting program. Since funds are provided by the Students' Union, and only SU-level groups are eligible for grants.

Have an event happening in Fall 2017? Don't miss the granting deadline!

Click HERE to access the forms!

2017-18 Application Deadlines:

Applications Open Application Deadline Activity/Conference has to fall within:
May 01 - 31, 2017 Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 July 19 - December 31
September 01 - 30, 2017 Saturday, September 30th, 2017 January 01 - April 30
January 01 - 30, 2018 Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 May 01 - August 31

If you are seeking funding for an individual you can apply to the Student Engagement Fund for Individuals by clicking here.

Grant Application Review Meetings

SGS is available to meet with you in the weeks leading up to the granting deadlines to review your submissions and help you to write strong (eligible) applications! Email the program secretary to set up a meeting before the next deadline!

Granting Info Sessions

Do you need help with your granting application, or want to learn more about the granting process and procedure? Student Group Services can be your guru. Our Granting Advice Sessions cover the process, procedure, and walk you through the applications section-by-section.

Sign up for the Granting Session now! Thursday, Sept 21, 5:30 - 7:00PM. Click HERE!

Click here to watch the informational YouTube video : Get Funded: Granting Fundamentals.

How to Apply

  1. Read the Application thoroughly on BearsDen to make sure you know what you're eligible for, what limits there are, and get everything in order.
  2. Still confused? SGS to the rescue! We have budget templates, sample applications (coming soon!), and check right above for our info session dates! (Let us know if the templates don't download properly on your computer, and we can email them to you!) You can also research and grab the resources from the Student Group Granting Committee's page on BearsDen.
  3. Great! Now, go to the Student Group Granting Committee's BearsDen page and fill out the appropriate application form completely - well in advance of the granting deadline. Refer to Step 1 (or email us) if you don't know which category you should apply under. You must be logged into BearsDen for these links to work for you!
  4. Hopefully you have some extra time on your hands, since you completed everything so early. Now, make an appointment with SGS! We'll review your application and give you any insider tips we can.
  5. Revise your application as necessary, and submit it to our office by the granting deadline. We can't accept late applications, and we don't make exceptions - so be punctual!

And there's your quick-and-easy guide to granting. If you still have questions, send us an email or drop in to say hi and we'll help you through.

Other Granting Resources

We have compiled a list of other sources of funding available to students both on and off campus. Please take advantage of the opportunities available to you! Click here to access the list.

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