Helping a Friend

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Helping a friend

Sometimes, we may become worried about a friend who may be dealing with issues that are concerning. They may be exhibiting some of the signs seen for stress, suicide, or relationship issues (hyperlink all those). If this is the case, there a couple things to know about helping a friend.

It is important to take care of yourself first before helping a friend; similar to an oxygen mask on an airplane, we need to make sure that we are okay first before we can begin to help someone else! Learning to set limits for yourself and setting boundaries can help keep you from feeling distressed helping a friend

Common Resources

Peer Support Centre

Canadian Mental Health Association


Counselling and Clinical Services

Tips on Setting Boundaries

Tips on Supporting a Friend

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Our last day of service for this academic year will be April 19th. If you are in need of support please contact the Edmonton Distress Line (780-482-4357)

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