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Devin Smith - Program Lead |

Introduction/Background: Hi there! My name is Devin Smith (she/her) and I am the Program Lead for the Peer Support Centre. I am a graduate of MacEwan University, with my Bachelor of Communication Studies. I have recently joined the PSC, coming from previous work in the Students’ Union as well as volunteer work in supportive listening and crisis intervention.

I am.../I am not…: I am resilient; I am not defined by my own self-doubt

Self Care Practice: The beautiful thing about self care is it is what works for you. If I’m feeling overstimulated or burnt out, I will put my phone in a different room, put on some music, and cook a meal for myself. I also really love rock climbing, because it allows me to tune out the noise and focus only on the problem in front of me.

Tip to students: Learn to reflect on and recognize the signs of burning out. Prioritize your mental wellbeing, just as you would your physical wellbeing, and incorporate time for self-care — even if means scheduling it into your calendar! Always remember that you have every right to reach out for support. You know your situation best and are the one who gets to make those choices for yourself!


Vanessa Vuong - Volunteer Coordinator |

Introduction/Background: Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa Vuong (she/her) and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am currently in my third year of Physiology.

I am.../I am not…: I am hardworking; I am not my past mistakes

Self Care Practice: School and life can be overwhelming sometimes, so it is important that you are taking care of yourself. It can be something big or something small; we all have different ways of embedding self care in our lives! Personally, I like spending time in nature or doing arts and crafts. Going on runs in the ravine or doing origami always helps take the stress away!

Tip to students: As a student, it is so important to take care of yourself not only physically, but to ensure that you are looking after your mental health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well. Reflecting upon your personal goals, boundaries, and limits can be very helpful in creating balance in your life! Always remember that you have every right to reach out for additional support if you feel you need it and that it takes an incredible amount of strength and bravery to do so.


Emily Quon - Outreach Coordinator |

Introduction: Hello! My name is Emily Quon (she/her) and I am the Outreach Coordinator for the 2019-2020 academic year! I am currently in my fifth year of a Molecular Genetics degree.

I am.../I am not…: I am always growing; I am not my anxiety

Self Care Practice: Self care is so important in order to recharge and re-energize. My favourite self-care is hiking because it reminds me of how capable I am of tackling things bigger than myself! I also love spending time in the mountains and camping. When I’m not able to get there, I like exercising, watching movies and shows, and spending time with people I care about.

Tip to students: Maintain balance! Take time to reflect on your limits, set boundaries, and prioritize time for yourself. Celebrate and make time for the things you enjoy doing and that you find valuable! It’s normal to feel guilty sometimes, but doing activities that reenergize and refuel us can help us perform better and avoid feeling burnt out. Finally, recognize when you’ve exceeded your limits and may need to reach out for support to get the balance that you need again!


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