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Karen Pérez Cruz (she/her/ella) - Program Lead |

Introduction/Background: Hello there! I have been with the PSC for a total of three years. I began with the centre as a volunteer in 2020 before working as Volunteer Coordinator for the 21/22 year, and now this is my first year as Program Lead! I'm also finishing my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I also recognize I am a settler to this land - I immigrated to Canada with my family from Cuba when I was 6. I take lots of pride in being ESL, an immigrant, and a part of the Latinx community here in Edmonton.

I am.../I am not…: I am worthy of forgiveness and compassion; I am not defined by my mistakes or self-doubt.

Self Care Practice: If I'm not cuddling with my 3 kitties, I am likely reading a romance book/thriller, or catching up the latest episode of my fave trash tv (Bachelor franchise, or 90 day fiancé)! My self-care practice changes everyday, but I try not to get resentful or build self-guilt if I can't fit it into my schedule. I am working hard to incorporate more self-compassion into my self-care. When that guilt sets in, I try to remember that as long as I'm meeting my physical, emotional and spiritual needs, I am doing enough and I am enough!

Tip to students: It's ok to feel completely overwhelmed at times! You are not alone in feeling this way. Approach each day and each step one at a time, you can do this!


Rowan Morris (they/he) - Outreach Coordinator

Introduction/Background: Hey Folks! My name is Rowan (they/he) and I am the Outreach Coordinator here at the Peer Support Centre. This is my first time working with the PSC but you have probably seen me around campus either around residence when I was the Diversity and Inclusion Intern, or in Student Governance spaces as I used to represent the faculty of Education on Student Council and GFC; I recognize my privilege as a white settler on Treaty six territory. I believe in decolonization and land back advocacy. Indigenous ways of being and knowing belong in all spaces and I will do what I can to uplift Indigenous voices in my role. When I am not at work you can find me with my sweet kitty mango, performing in drag, or hanging out with my friends. If you see me around campus feel free to say hello! I look forward to everyone I will meet, and everything I can do as outreach coordinator.

I am.../I am not…: I am worth kindness from others; I am not deserving of discrimination based on my identity

Self Care Practice: I know I sound a bit strange but I love a nice cold shower. It feels like I am diving into a pool head first! When I am feeling really stressed and overwhelmed a cold shower is the perfect reset.

Tip to students: There is no right way to be a student. Take five years to complete your degree, change your program four times, do what you need. At the end of the day you are a person before you are a student so prioritize what YOU need.


Fenya Fitzpatrick (she/her) - Volunteer Coordinator

Introduction/Background: Hi there! This is my fifth year with the centre and I am so excited to be here as the Volunteer Coordinator! I have been volunteering with the PSC since 2018, and am new to the coordinator role this year. I am currently finishing up my BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Some fun things to know about me are that I love music of all kinds, crafting, and reading fantasy and science fiction novels!

I am.../I am not…: I am someone who works to have a growth mindset, and to have compassion for myself. I am not only defined by what I do wrong, there is so much more to me than my mistakes.

Self Care Practice: My self-care is dependent on my needs in the moment. If I need to have some quiet time on my own I like to wear something cozy and cross-stitch or read in a quiet place like my room, but if I’m needing some companionship you’ll find me cuddling with my dog Canela or chatting with my partner or my family. And if I have no idea what I need, a nap is typically the answer! :)

Tip to students: Access the resources on campus! We are all here to help you succeed and have a good university experience. If you’re not sure what’s out there to help you, check out Infolink and they can help get you connected to what you need. You got this :)


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