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Leadership Education and Development Centre

Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Centre is a unit in the SU Student Services that formed in May 2015. This unit was previously known as Leadership & Recognition. The purpose of the unit is to develop and deliver leadership training on campus and recognize the outstanding student leaders on campus. LEAD Centre is responsible for the Emerging Leaders Program, the Alberta Student Leadership Summit, the Applied Leadership Program, Stride Campaign School, and On-Demand Training.

We also provide customized training to student groups on a range of topics including leadership, conflict resolution, and self-care. To contact us to see how we can work with you, click here!


Nicole De Grano

Program Lead

Nicole is the Program Lead of the LEAD Centre, and she oversees the programming and operations within the unit. To her, leadership must be adaptive, and take into account individual experiences in order to find holistic solutions. Because of this, she thinks leadership can be practiced by anyone! Outside of the LEAD Centre, Nicole loves to watch British comedy shows and often spends a lot of time watching Taskmaster (her favourite season is the one with James Acaster!). As well, when she’s not watching comedy, she’s reading books and makes TikToks! Nicole convocated from the University of Alberta in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies & Political Science and a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership.

Yula Li

Coordinator - Student Development

Yula, is a Student Development Coordinator for the LEAD Centre at the Students' Union. She works closely with Gaurav and Siri to ensure students can have access to the programs and enjoy the experience in terms of developing leadership skills. Yula shares the same thought as Gaurav, she thinks a leader is someone who shapes others through influence, and the best thing a team can do is complement each other's strengths. She is entering her last year at the university to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics. Yula loves to explore different restaurants in Edmonton and take pictures of yummy food!

Siri Nelson

Coordinator - Student Development

Siri is a Student Development Coordinator for the LEAD Centre at the Student’s Union. For Siri, leadership is dynamic and ever changing, where the leader and follower mutually learn from each other and are adaptable to everyone’s needs. She believes through quality leadership, the well-being of all people is strengthened as well as group and individual confidence and interdependence is developed. Outside of the office, you will find Siri creating or teaching various forms of art, including dance and poetry, or coaching and playing basketball. Siri is in her final year of her BA in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism with the Faculty of Kinesiology and will happily discuss leisure theory, dance, basketball, and many more topics, should they ever come up in conversation. After graduating, Siri hopes to work in basketball operations management or working with grassroots sports organizations.

Gaurav Dhir

Coordinator - Student Development

Gaurav is a Student Development Coordinator for the LEAD centre at the Students’ Union. As a Coordinator, he works with his colleagues to create and direct a variety of LEAD centre programs. Leadership, in Gaurav's opinion, is more about influence than traditional authority. He brings a wealth of experience in managing large-scale events to the position and looks forward to facilitating the diverse programs. Embodying the spirit of his fictional idol, "Harvey Specter" from the TV show SUITS, Gaurav believes in mutual respect and trust to facilitate effective team bonds. He is currently in his second year of university at the UofA, majoring in business economics and law. His favourite pastime remains dribbling a football while cheering for the mighty reds (Liverpool).

Camilla Osman-Manage

Learning & Development Specialist

Camilla is the Learning and Development Specialist at the LEAD Centre. She is responsible for creating, executing, and assessing staff and volunteer training, student development programming, and the development of student leaders in governance positions. To her, leadership is a process and is practiced within community by building strong working relationships with others. She strongly believes that every person has the capacity to practice leadership - what leadership looks like will depend on each unique person. When Camilla doesn’t have her nose in a book, she can be found listening to podcasts, experimenting with recipes (sometimes, with disastrous consequences), or rock climbing at her favourite local gym. Camilla also has an obsession with corgis (she adamantly believes that they are the cutest creatures on the planet), and her day will always be brightened with corgi sightings on walks or on social media. In 2020, Camilla convocated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and sociology.

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